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Inventor charged with murdering reporter on submarine

Last Updated Jan 16, 2018 9:47 AM EST COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A Danish prosecutor says inventor Peter Madsen has been charged with murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall during a trip on his private submarine, saying he either cut her throat or strangled her. Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen said Tuesday the case is “very unusual and extremely […]

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Email campaign urges no bail for Blaze Bernstein’s suspected killer

SANTA ANA, California — Orange County residents started an email campaign to urge no bail for the suspected killer of 19-year-old Blaze Bernstein, CBS Los Angeles reports. Sam Woodward, the 20-year-old arrested in connection with Bernstein’s death, will be arraigned Wednesday, according to the Orange County District Attorney.¬† “I am deeply alarmed by the news […]

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Mark in ‘The Room’ ‘Memba Him?!

Mark in ‘The Room’ ‘Memba Him?! 1/17/2018 12:01 AM PST Greg Sestero is best known for playing the promiscuous friend, Mark — opposite Tommy Wiseau as Johnny — in the 2003 cult classic, “The Room.”¬†Guess what he looks like now! Original Article on

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2018 NFL Mock Draft: Buccaneers pick Chubb, Cardinals gamble on Lamar Jackson

Bradley Chubb might be the “safest” prospect in this class, and to some, Lamar Jackson might carry the most risk. I think there’s a good chance they’ll both “ace” the pre-draft process, which will lead to them being picked somewhat early in Round 1 after illustrious collegiate careers. The Buccaneers would be an outstanding fit […]

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Viral video shows man’s valiant attempt not to fall on driveway ice

A video viewed more than 44 million times shows a man’s effort to stay upright as he steps onto ice and slides down a slippery driveway. It seems the driveway was coated with black ice. The video, posted on social media Tuesday, appears to show the man leaving his Northern Virginia home, CBS Richmond affiliate […]