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Paul George Says He’d Love To Play With LeBron, And He Loves L.A.

Paul George I’d Love To Play With LeBron … & I LOVE Los Angeles


It’s time for TMZ SPORTS DECODES … starring NBA superstar Paul George, who might’ve just given the basketball world a huge clue about his future and the future of Mr. LeBron James.

Or did he?

First a little context … rumors in NBA circles say LeBron joining the Lakers depends on him luring another big name star to Hollywood, and most people think George — an L.A. native — is that star.

In order for that to happen, George would have to want to play with LeBron, and when we got him at the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am in L.A. and asked him, he seemed like he was down.

“Yeah, I’m with LeBron every All-Star. Everyone of my All-Stars I been teamed with LeBron … I like playing with him.”

We continued decoding as we asked George if he even likes Los Angeles … and once again, he gave us more positive feedback than an eastern Tinder Swipe.

“I’m from L.A. I can say I love L.A. because I’m from L.A.”

What do you get when you love both playing with LeBron and L.A.? Seems like Purple & Gold.

Consider this DECODED. You’re welcome.

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