Forecast for Election Day – Rain and Wind Expected

Planning to get out and vote this Election Day? Get ready for some rain and wind. Here’s what you can expect:

Early Voters: Polls open at 6 am. Through the morning, a line of showers, some with heavy rain, thunder and strong wind gusts, will be moving in from west to east. Places west of Syracuse, like the Finger Lakes may see a few early showers when doors open. Between 8am and 12pm, expect the rain to move through. Hold onto your hats – it will already be windy, with stronger gusts in showers and storms. Winds: E-SE 10-20 MPH with gusts to 30 MPH.

Midday/Lunchtime Voters: Showers and storms continue to move east, with some lingers showers left behind. Generally, this should be a drier time with some limited breaks of sunshine. It will still be quite windy. Winds: S-SW 15-25 MPH with gusts to 40 MPH

Evening Voters:
Polls close at 9 pm. A few new isolated pop-up showers and thundershowers are possible, mainly north and west of Syracuse. Many spots remain dry with increasing clouds. Still quite windy. Wind: SW 15-25 MPH with gusts to 40-45 MPH, especially north.

Check this out – here’s the weather on record for Election Day in Syracuse over the past 10 years.

Note: – All data is from the weather station at Syracuse Hancock Airport, recovered through NWS NOWData
T” mean “trace” precipitation. It is less than measurable (0.01”), but not completely dry.

2017 (11/7) – High 40 Low 27 0” Precip
2016 (11/8) – High 66 Low 29 T” Precip
2015 (11/3) – High 69 Low 39 0” Precip
2014 (11/4) – High 69 Low 51 T” Precip
2013 (11/5) – High 58 Low 33 0” Precip
2012 (11/6) – High 43 Low 26 0” Precip
2011 (11/8) – High 67 Low 44 T” Precip
2010 (11/2) – High 50 Low 29 0” Precip
2009 (11/3) – High 52 Low 38 0.03” Precip
2008 (11/4) – High 62 Low 41 T” Precip

Average High, Last 10 Years: 57.6

Tune into NBC3 and CBS5 all morning long for more! Have a great day!