Tom Brady ‘fully intends’ to be playing in 2022, when Patriots play Packers, Aaron Rodgers next

Sunday night’s matchup between the Patriots and Packersa 31-17 win for New England featuring Tom Brady out-dueling Aaron Rodgers — was probably the last time we’ll ever see those two Hall of Fame quarterbacks go head to head, with the two teams not scheduled to square off again until 2022. 

Brady is 41 and Rodgers will turn 35 in December, making it rather unrealistic to expect both guys to survive until the next scheduled Packers/Patriots game. But maybe it’s not off the table: Peter King of NBC Sports wrote in his “Football Morning in America” column on Monday Brady does indeed want to play until the next matchup.

According to King, Brady said “after the game he fully intends to be around for the 2022 Brady-Rodgers match.”

Wouldn’t THAT be something? Seeing Brady, at the ripe old age of 47, carving up whatever guy is running the Packers’ defense as they try and make one last run for a second Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl