Mark Ingram scored a TD and immediately threw up the X for Dez Bryant

The Saints won’t have the benefit of Dez Bryant on the field this season, but the team is still honoring him.

Bryant tore his achilles in his first practice after being traded to the Saints last week, prompting numerous members of the team to say that they are remembering him while he recovers. So, when Mark Ingram muscled in for a touchdown in the first quarter against the Bengals on Sunday and dropped a familiar celebration on the Cincinnati crowd — Dez Bryant’s X.

Before the game Ingram told Bryant that he would use the celebration to make sure that while the receiver isn’t able to play, he’s with them.

Michael Thomas hinted that he planned to throw up the X (we’ll get to that in a second). Now with the Saints with ease we’re seeing ALL THE Xs.

Alvin Karama followed up with the X of his own.

Then Michael Thomas dropped his.

Dez loved it.