President Trump visits sites of Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire

Woolsey Fire 78 percent contained

Containment of the Woolsey Fire jumped to 78 percent contained as of 9:40 p.m. ET. Hundreds of frustrated Malibu residents were unclear about whether they could return their communities, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Several residents told CBS Los Angeles on Thursday night there was confusion as to whether there neighborhoods had reopened. Some said they had initially returned home after evacuation orders were lifted, and then left to go run errands, but came back to find hard road closures in place.

“It’s pretty frustrating considering they didn’t tell us there’s going to be a hard closure, and we’ve been going back and forth all day,” one man said. “And all of a sudden, they just, slam, I even left something on the stove.”

“Probably have to find one of the little hotels, but there’s no hotels available, so I’ll probably have to sleep in my vehicle,” another man said.

“We had no warning, I left my house totally exposed,” one woman said.

The L.A. County Office of Emergency Management explained in a news release Friday that serious infrastructural damage has prevented them from repopulating certain areas.

“With power and telephone poles burned, gas lines compromised and roadways destroyed, multiple agencies must work together to inspect the impacted areas and determine overall safety,” the emergency management office wrote.

The emergency management office noted that several communities will have to be “completely rebuilt.”

“We’re dealing with power outages, gas leaks, water main issues, we’re dealing with downed power poles, with trees that have fallen,” L.A. County Sheriff’s Capt. Darren Harris told reporters.