Paul Ryan: House GOP losses in 2018 midterms defy logic – Washington Examiner

Some of the losses taken by Republicans in the House of Representatives during this year’s midterm elections left outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., baffled.

“First of all, it’s suburban voters. Pennsylvania redistricting and California just defies logic to me,” Ryan said during an interview Thursday with the Washington Post Live. “This election system they have [in California], I can’t begin to understand it.”

Democrats flipped 40 seats in the House, taking back control of the lower chamber, driven largely by anti-Republican sentiment in suburban districts and a backlash to President Trump and his agenda.

No where was the so-called blue wave more evident than in California, where seven districts were flipped in the Democrats’ favor.

“There were a lot of seats in California we should have won and we got massively outspent,” Ryan said. “If you’ve got a couple of billionaires dropping $100 million on your head, that leaves a mark.”

Later in the interview, Ryan lamented that some of the members the GOP lost in the midterms were “the very best of us.”

“I was very worried about a lot of my friends, good people in Congress,” he said. “You really feel for it.”

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