Actor Kevin Spacey appeared at a Massachusetts court over a criminal charge that he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old male at a bar in Nantucket. 

The Nantucket allegations were first raised by former Boston television journalist Heather Unruh, who told reporters the former House of Cards star groped her teenage son on July 7, 2016, at a restaurant and bar where he worked.

Spacey pleaded not guilty.

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Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Kevin Spacey’s court appearance today in Nantucket, Massachusetts.


The former House of Cards star is set to appear in court on accusations that he groped an 18-year-old man at a Nantucket bar in 2016. The young man was working at Club Car as a bus boy. 

Kevin Spacey has said he will plead not guilty to the charge. 


Numerous people have come forward accusing Kevin Spacey of assault. 

His first accuser, actor Anthony Rapp, claims Spacey climbed on top of him on a bed when Rapp was 14 and Spacey was 26. 

Kevin Spacey said he did not remember such an encounter but apologised if the allegations were true. 


Today’s appearance in Massachusetts is the first criminal case brought against the 59-year-old Oscar-winner since other allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against him in 2017.


Near the end of 2018, Kevin Spacey released a bizarre video commenting on the sexual misconduct allegations made against him. In the video, Spacey appears as his character in House of Cards, Frank Underwood.

You can watch the video and read more about how people reacted to it here:


Here’s columnist Janet Street Porter with more on that baffling video:


Today’s court appearance comes more than a year after former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting her son.

At the time her son was 18 and working as a busboy in a bar and restaurant called the Club Car in Nantucket. 

If convicted, Spacey faces up to five years in prison. 


Kevin Spacey is expected to arrive at Nantucket District court for his arraignment on sexual chargers. A pool of reporters are setting up outside the court house. 


The court paperwork show Kevin Spacey’s legal name—Kevin Spacey Fowler. “Spacey” is both his middle name and stage last name.

The 59-year-old actor said he plans on pleading not guilty in his court appearance on Monday.

If Mr Spacey is convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.


Mr Spacey’s attorney had request District Judge Thomas Barnett, the judge presiding over his case, that the 59-year-old actor be allowed to waive his right to be physically present at today’s arraignment. The attorneys argued that Mr Spaced lived out-of-state and said his presence would “amplify the negative publicity already generated” in the case. Judge Barnett denied the request.


Mr Spacey stirred further outrage for his apology after actor Anthony Rapp accused him of sexual misconduct 31 years ago. Mr Rapp said the elder actor climbed on top of him at a party in 1986 before the “Rent” actor was able to flee the room. Mr Rapp was 14-years-old at the time.

In his statement, released on October 29, 2017, Mr Spacey said he owes Mr Rapp the “sincerest apology” for his “inappropriate” behaviour, after stating that he did not remember the alleged incident.

In that same statement, Mr Spacey decided to reveal publicly—for the very first time—that he “chooses” to “live as a gay man.” He denied rumors about his sexual orientation for many years prior to the statement.

Several people criticised Mr Spacey’s decision to come out as gay as a defense for his alleged sexual misconduct with a minor, citing that it furthers a damaging bigoted myth that pedophilia is intrinsic with homosexuality.

Columnist Kate Maltby wrote in CNN: “Now that a high-profile Hollywood star has chosen to publicly conflate his homosexuality with alleged sexual misconduct with a minor, how many more parents in small towns will whisper warnings to their children about their blameless gay teacher or lesbian church leader?”


Kevin Spacey has reportedly arrived at the courthouse.


Here is video footage of Mr Spacey being swarmed with reporters as he walks into the courthouse for his arraignment hearing.

The prosecutors are not asking for bail. They just request that Mr Spacey stays away from the alleged victim and witnesses. The actor has not said a word yet, but is nodding his head to the judge.


The attorneys are discussing the preservation of a piece of evidence, reportedly a video related to the alleged groping incident. Judge Barnett granted the motion to preserve the cloud and cell phone information for July 7 and July 8, 2016 on the victim’s phone, which is during the time the alleged crime took place.


The judge allowed that Mr Spacey’s appearance can be waived. The next court date is scheduled for March 4.

The evidence argued in court is regarding a one-second Snapchat showing a hand on some clothes. The video was sent in a series of text messages between the victim and his girlfriend regarding Mr Spacey’s groping his genitals at a Nantucket bar. The text messages reportedly took place during the incident. The girlfriend reportedly did not believe the victim, and in response, the victim sent the Snapchat video.


Mr Spacey’s legal team is led by Alan Jackson. Mr Jackson asserts that there was no assault and the act with the 18-year-old victim was consensual.

Here is video footage of Mr Spacey appearing in court. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 4.

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