N.J. weather is weird. Here’s why this winter storm was so tough to track. – NJ.com

Rob Reale, a meteorologist at the WeatherWorks forecasting company, based in Warren County, agrees, saying Tuesday’s mixed bag of precipitation across the Garden State “has to do with the system as a whole and the temperature above the surface.”

In most parts of South Jersey, temperatures Tuesday morning have remained above the freezing mark both at the surface and also thousands of feet up in the atmosphere, Reale noted. As a result, “anything that’s up there is melting before it reaches the ground.”

Which is why we’re seeing mostly rain in areas south of Interstate 195 today, including Wildwood down in Cape May County.

In the northern third of New Jersey, it’s just the opposite. So far today, temperatures there have been below the freezing mark way up in the atmosphere and also below freezing down near the ground, Reale said. The result: Snow.

Many areas of Central Jersey are sandwiched in the middle of this atmospheric battle, with temperatures hovering near 32 degrees at the surface and “bouncing back and forth between freezing and above freezing” a few thousand feet up in the sky, Reale said. 

As a result, places like Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset have been getting a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain Tuesday morning.

Source: https://www.nj.com/expo/news/g66l-2019/02/584d04baa25797/nj-weather-is-weird-heres-why-this-winter-storm-was-so-tough-to-track.html