Video shows Texas bartender beating woman in parking lot – KWTX

DALLAS, Texas (KTVT) A woman who was badly beaten in a Deep Ellum parking lot by a local bartender was recovering Friday morning.


The victim, who KTVT is not identifying, said she went to the hospital Thursday evening to be treated for what she believed to be a ruptured eardrum.

She said as she pulled into the parking lot at the corner of Elm and Crowdus Streets, she had blocked in another driver.

The driver, Austin Shuffield, then got out and confronted her, holding a gun by his side.

The confrontation was recorded on a cellphone by a bystander across the street.

When the woman pulled out her phone to call 911, the man in the video can be seen slapping it out of her hand.

She pushes him, and then he begins repeatedly punching her in the face at least five times.

Dallas police identified that man as Shuffield, charging him with aggravated assault, public intoxication and interfering with a 911 call.