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  • Court documents unsealed Friday revealed thousands of documents concerning Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre and her defamation suit against his ex-girlfriend, associate, and alleged “madam,” Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • A 2015 case between Giuffre and Maxwell occurred after Giuffre accused Epstein of sex-trafficking her, with Maxwell participating, after which Maxwell called Giuffre a liar.
  • Giuffre then sued Maxwell for defamation, and a total of 167 documents with thousands of pages combined were filed under seal.
  • Maxwell motioned for a summary judgment in January 2017 and, two months later, the district court in New York denied her motion with a largely redacted 76-page opinion.
  • Giuffre v. Maxwell was settled in May 2017.
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Thousands of court documents were unsealed Friday morning from the Giuffre v. Maxwell defamation suit filed in the Southern District of New York federal court in 2015.

At the time of the filing, Virginia Roberts Giuffre had emerged as one of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein’s most visible accusers, accusing his ex-girlfriend and close associate Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite, of participating in her abuse.

Maxwell publicly called Giuffre a liar, after which Giuffre sued her for defamation, and a total of 167 documents containing thousands of pages were filed under seal.

Maxwell’s motion for a summary judgment, filed in January 2017, was denied by the district court in a largely redacted 76-page opinion.

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Giuffre v. Maxwell was settled in May 2017, and the unsealing of the court documents comes as Epstein and the Southern District of New York are preparing cases for and against the financier, who is accused on federal counts of sex trafficking and conspiracy.

Epstein is being held in custody without bail and has pleaded not guilty.

The Giuffre v. Maxwell court documents are expected to contain pertinent information concerning Epstein’s purported sex-trafficking scheme, along with many of his high-profile associates and connections, including Prince Andrew, who has been pictured with Giuffre in widely disseminated photos.

Giuffre has accused Prince Andrew of sexual assault, and has said the Epstein, in conjunction with Maxwell, loaned her out to his friends and associates for sex.

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