Donald Trump ‘has discussed buying Greenland from Denmark’ – The Telegraph

Donald Trump has discussed trying to buy Greenland from Denmark as a way to expand US territory, according to US reports.

The US president’s proposal, which was first reported in the Wall Street Journal, has come with “varying degrees of seriousness”, though he has apparently gone as far as seeking the view of the White House counsel. 

Mr Trump discussed the idea at a dinner last year at which he said he had heard Denmark found the financial support to the territory burdensome, the Journal reported.

Suggesting the US purchase the island, he reportedly asked the other guests: “What do you guys think about that?”

A Trump ally told The Associated Press the US president had discussed the purchase but was not serious about it. 

And a Republican congressional aide said Mr Trump brought up the notion of purchasing Greenland in conversations with lawmakers enough times to make them wonder, but they have not taken his comments seriously.

However, the idea triggered much light-hearted discussion on social media, with some noting it would be an idea way of containing Canada. 

It wouldn’t be the first time an American leader tried to buy the world’s largest island, an autonomous territory of Denmark.

In 1946, the US proposed to pay Denmark $100 million to buy Greenland after flirting with the idea of swapping land in Alaska for strategic parts of the Arctic island.

The US already has a major airbase in the north-west of the island, housing 600 personnel. Thule Air Base in Greenland is the U.S. military’s northernmost installation.

Neither the White House nor Denmark immediately commented on Thursday. Mr Trump is set to visit Denmark next month, but the prospect of buying Greenland is not expected to be on the agenda.