North Korea carries out another apparent missile test

North Korea launched two unidentified projectiles on Thursday, according to South Korean officials, in what appeared to be the country’s latest missile test as it plays diplomatic chicken with Washington. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has warned his regime will abandon all efforts to negotiate a nuclear disarmament deal with the U.S. by the end of this year unless the Trump administration makes major concessions.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said two projectiles were launched Thursday afternoon from North Korea’s east coast toward the East Sea, in the direction of Japan.

Japan’s Defense Ministry said “what appears to be a ballistic missile” fired by the North was not expected to reach the country’s territory. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe later said in a televised news conference that no projectiles had entered Japan’s airspace or “exclusive economic zone” at sea. The defense ministry said it would continue to analyze information as it became available “in order to protect the lives and assets of the people.”

The last North Korean missile test was on October 31, when the country launched two missiles from a new “super-large” multiple rocket launcher, which it said had expanded its ability to destroy enemy targets in surprise attacks.

North Korea fires two unidentified projectiles, South Korea says

North Korea has carried out 13 weapons tests so far this year.

The latest launches extend a months-long streak of weapons displays by the North, which continues to use a standstill in the nuclear negotiations with the U.S. to advance its military capabilities while pressuring Washington for concessions.