Carlos Ghosn: Timeline of escape from Japan to Lebanon on private jet – Business Insider

  • Nissan’s ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn enraged Japan this week by vanishing from house arrest to reappear in Lebanon, beyond the reach of Japanese officials.
  • The audacious escape, a breach of his bail conditions, has still not been fully explained, but details are gradually emerging.
  • It appears to have involved private jets, a second passport, and rumors that Ghosn escaped the country hidden in a box meant for musical instruments.
  • Here is everything we know so far about the escape.
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The former CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, fled Japan on Sunday night, secretly taking two private planes to return to his native home of Lebanon.

Ghosn faces a length jail term in Japan if found guilty of the four counts of financial mismanagement with which he was charged after his arrest in November 2018.

Having escaped Japanese authorities, Ghosn said that he was being subjected to a rigged trial where his guilt was predetermined. His escape was initially a mystery, but details have been emerging in the days since.

Here is what we know so far.