Pro-cop demonstrators clash with Black Lives Matter protesters in Bay Ridge – New York Post

Pro-cop demonstrators faced off against Black Lives Matter protesters in southern Brooklyn for the second day in a row Sunday evening in a tense clash where protesters torched an American flag and tossed eggs at each other.

Scuffles between the two groups broke out in Bay Ridge as NYPD officers were forced to step in and separate about 100 Black Lives Matter protesters and several dozen cop supporters, video posted on social media showed.

The pro-NYPD rally launched from Bay Ridge and Fourth Avenues at about 5:30 p.m., with the counter-protest kicking off at around the same time about a mile away on 86th Street and Fourth Avenue.

The anti-cop demonstrators torched an American flag and also burned a Blue Lives Matter T-shirt, hat and sign, according to footage of the demonstration.

Witnesses said one of the Blue Lives Matter demonstrators was detained after hitting and shoving a female Black Lives Matter protester to the ground and throwing an egg into the crowd.

Footage showed several in the anti-cop crowd blocking an NYPD van from transporting the alleged assailant, with some saying it was because the man hadn’t been placed in handcuffs as they believed he should have been.

“F—k the police” and “F—k you terrorist b—tches,” they chanted.

Another clip posted online showed a cop being hit in the face by an egg.

A Black Lives Matter protester was heard calling police supporters “a bunch of low lifes” — while a Blue Lives Matter demonstrator said the anti-cop crew should “go home” before calling a Post reporter a “b—h.”

By around 9 p.m., police were attempting to push both groups back, as tussles continued to break out. At least one trash can on Fifth Avenue was torched, and soon turned into a bonfire as people threw in signs and other cardboard materials went up in flames.

“Why are you lighting s—t on fire?” a woman holding a plastic cup of wine asked an anti-cop protester.

The protester responded: “Take your drunk ass out of my face.”

Outside The Leif Bar on 5th Avenue, about five Blue Lives Matter supporters and a group of counter-protesters began to trade jibes — but were then seen hugging.

The NYPD said two people were arrested, but couldn’t immediately provide details on the circumstances.

Councilman Justin Brannan, whose district includes Bay Ridge, wrote on Twitter that he was “disturbed” by the violence and that he would be meeting with the local 68th precinct on Monday.

“The blame falls squarely at the feet of the elected officials & leaders who refused to take responsibility for the vitriol and hatred displayed at yesterday’s protest,” he wrote, referring to the clashes that took place in the neighboring Dyker Heights on Saturday.

Councilman Chaim Deutsch, who represents other southern Brooklyn neighborhoods, tweeted that he was “disgusted” to see Old Glory torched by protesters.

“Disgusted to see images of American flags being burned at an anti-police demonstration in Bay Ridge today,” he wrote. “If you hate America enough to burn our flag, feel free to leave.”