Gov. Cuomo says he spoke to Trump, de Blasio about NYC shooting surge – New York Post

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that he and President Trump spoke a day earlier about the shooting surge plaguing the Big Apple — and they came to an agreement that the deployment of federal authorities is not necessary to curb the crime spike.

“I spoke to the president yesterday. The president had suggested that he was considering sending federal agents to New York, among other cities New York City, to deal with what he saw as an increase-in-crime problem,” Cuomo told reporters during a Wednesday conference call.

“I spoke to the president about it, said I was also concerned about the increase in crime in New York City and that people in New York City are also concerned about the increase in crime. I also said that at this point, I think that the situation can be managed by the state.”

On Monday, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that Cuomo must squash the rising gun violence in New York City — or he will send in federal authorities to restore order.

During Cuomo and Trump’s Tuesday call, Cuomo said, he told the president, “We have no need at this time for any assistance.”

“I understand the issue of crime. New Yorkers understand the issue of crime in New York City, but I have not declared a public safety emergency,” the governor said. “The president agreed with that, and said we would talk if he thought the circumstances would change.”

“If there is a public safety emergency in New York City — that would require assistance — which could happen, you could have a public safety emergency,” Cuomo said. “When that happens, then we can bring in additional resources or do what we need to do to address the emergency.”

Cuomo said Trump promised he would talk to him first if he was preparing to take any action regarding the deployment of federal law enforcement in the Big Apple.

“We left the conversation that if the president had any additional concerns, that we would talk before he took any action, so that was a good conversation,” said Cuomo.

Cuomo called the shootings uptick in the city “a very serious situation,” and said he has spoken to Mayor Bill de Blasio about the matter.

“We’ve been working with the city to make certain changes,” Cuomo added.

During the press briefing, Cuomo also took a swipe at de Blasio over the anti-cop graffiti that has lingered on Lower Manhattan buildings like the David N. Dinkins Municipal Building for weeks.

“Crime is up, a lot of people have left. We are going to have to work very hard to get the economy back up,” Cuomo said. “But the graffiti is just another manifestation of decline.”

De Blasio finally took action Wednesday to clean up the graffiti after being prodded by The Post and other members of the press.

“I think the city makes a big mistake in not addressing these situations,” Cuomo said. “I mean, clean it up! It’s spray paint.”

New Yorkers see graffiti “as a return to the bad old days … and it’s a problem,” the governor said.


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