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Best answer: If you need a replacement Galaxy Tab S7 S Pen, you’ll have to purchase one from a local retailer or from Samsung directly.

Samsung’s decision to include an S Pen in the box with its last few Galaxy Tab devices has been genius. This removes the burden of needing to purchase something else, just to get the full experience of the device. With the Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung did the same thing by providing a redesigned S Pen in the box.

Not only can the Galaxy Tab S7’s S Pen attach magnetically on the back, but it opens a world of creative and productive possibilities. From being able to take advantage of the best drawing apps for Android, to controlling your Tab S7 with Air Actions, or even marking up those annoying PDFs, there’s something here for everyone.

It’s easy to understand why the Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the best Android tablets, and that’s without diving into extra software features like Samsung DeX Mode. The Tab S7’s S Pen features the same ultra-low 9ms latency found in the Galaxy Note 20, and it can even be used as a remote control.

Get the replacement Galaxy Tab S7 S Pen

While it’s fantastic that Samsung includes an S Pen in the box, life happens, and you may end up needing to buy a replacement Galaxy Tab S7 Pen. Not to fear, as Samsung is making these available at many of your local and online retailers. Since the S Pen is not covered under warranty, you will have to pay out of pocket in the event that a replacement is needed.

On the other hand, you may miss out on a few key features, but you can use the Galaxy Note S Pen until the Tab S7’s replacement arrives. Once the replacement Galaxy Tab S7 S Pen is in your hands, simply place it in the designated charging slot on the back of the Tab S7. Thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth LE, the S Pen will pair instantly to your tablet and you’ll be up and running in no time.

The best Android tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S7+

Samsung’s keeping the Android tablet market afloat

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 line comes in two different sizes, includes an S Pen in the box, and has a slew of software features to keep you happy. Oh, and these features will also help to keep you more productive for those long work days.

Use a stylus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S7+ S Pen

Be more creative than you ever imagined

Not only can you control your Galaxy Tab S7 with its S Pen, but the lower latency means faster interactions when drawing or writing. Throw the old-school notebook away and take your Tab S7 and the S Pen everywhere.

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