President Donald Trump’s speaks to Janesville crowd for more than 90 minutes – WISN Milwaukee

President Donald Trump speaks to Janesville crowd for more than 90 minutes

President delivers remarks on law enforcement, economics

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Thank you. Very well. This is great. Hello. How are you? Thank you, everybody. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. On Hello, Janesville and hello, Wisconsin. We love way crowd. This is massive. But, you know, we’re having massive crowds all over the place. And I’ll tell you what you know, And I look at a poll were even in Wisconsin. I don’t think so. With what I’ve done for you. USMC A. We got rid of those horrible, you know, you were being charged 287% tariff to do business with Canada. I heard about that. I didn’t like that. Your specialty milk people got me. Do you believe it special? It was all about specialty milk. That was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I said, What do you mean? Yes, sir. They’re charging us 287%. And I said, no, they’re not any longer. And we knocked the hell out of it, and we got the brand new U. S. M. C s on sleepy. Joe can’t do that. It’s not in his vocabulary that he has no idea what we just said. He’s sitting in his basement right now watching us. He has no idea. And I hate to do. This year I was having a great hair day, and then I heard you had 40 mile an hour winds up looking, and I said, All right, give me the cap. I don’t do it often, but now I’m looking at that beautiful site. Is that beautiful? That was beautiful, Aziz. That is OSHA. As beautiful as that is, I don’t know that it wannabe those people right in that little corner. Look at that. You know, I think it’s magnificent, but I’d get out of there. But they have no fear, do you? You have confidence in Trump? Yeah. We get good equipment. It’s great to be back in Wisconsin with thousands of loyal, hardworking American patriots. Thank you very much. It’s a great honor. A great honor on. We’re doing great. We’re doing really well. And we should have a Republican governor because, frankly, you gotta open. You stayed up. You gotta open it up. You gotta open it up. Get back to school. I’ll tell you what You know, we had a little problem in Florida. We had a search and then it went away and they opened it. But we had a problem. Big problem in Texas. We had a surge. They opened it up. It’s all opened up. Arizona, They had a search. It’s all opened up and our country is opening. And I’ll tell you what, when you look at our numbers compared to what’s going on in Europe and other places, but we’re doing well, we’re gonna have one of the best economic years we’ve ever had. Next year, one of the best. With 17 days from now, we’re going to win the state of Wisconsin on. We’re going to win four more years in the way on, By the way, early voting begins on Tuesday. So get out and vote. Okay, now, we’ve had great success in your state, and I’ve been very good to you. Likewise with the ships, you build good ships. You know that, right? A lot of other states, one of that contract. I probably lost some states because of what we gave you the big contract. And honestly, I went to the yards. It’s incredible what you do. This is the most important election in the history of our country and you know, six months ago, I was saying, Well, you know, how do you compare with the last one? I don’t know. That was important. The fact is, this is the single most important election in the history of our country, and sleepy Joe Biden’s made a corrupt bargaining change. You saw the bargaining made in exchange for his party’s nomination, which you shouldn’t have gotten because of. Pocahontas got out one day early. I’d be running against crazy Bernie, which would have been OK to I would have had a small but energized base. Now we have a little bit larger base to run against, but there’s zero energy they’re reporting on it. We’ve got the most energy in the history of politics on. He’s got the least most in the way, and Biden handed control of his party over toe. Hardcore militant left. The Democrat Party you once knew no longer exists. It’s now a party of Socialists and Marxists and left wing extremists. If Joe Biden, the Democrats Socialists, were elected, and I’ve always said our country will never be a socialist country, they would kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments and you have a lot of great law enforcement people here today. Thank you, Thank you. I think we have every single law enforcement group in the country’s endorses even New York City’s finest. You know, they endorsed this first time they’ve ever endorsed a presidential candidates picks up Chicago, Florida, Ohio. Everybody’s endorse us, and I said during the debate, I said Joe, name one group law enforcement that’s endorsed your name one. And he was starting Thio he couldn’t bring. And then Chris Wallace bailed him out. And I said, Joe, say the words Law and order saying Joe and he wouldn’t do it. I said, Say the words, Lord and then Chris Wallace bailed him out again. But he can’t because if he says law and order, that means he loses the radical left. You know what? You think he’s losing anyway, but they want to dissolve your borders, raise your taxes, destroy your suburbs. Oh, have I saved your suburbs? The women, you know, they keep telling me about suburban women. I think suburban women like I’ve only saved your house on. Frankly, I’ve saved your way of life. I’ve saved the American dream, but they keep saying Trump has a problem. Well, they last time they said the same thing. It was even worse. They said I had a problem with women, period. And then the night that beautiful night four years ago. Was that the greatest of all time? A. Probably the greatest night in the history of television, right? That was way had so much fun. The tears that were flowing out of pure Remember the tears from the totally non biased anchors. We have another one of them coming up next week. You know Kristen Welker? She deleted her entire account. I wonder why I can’t imagine. And I’ve known her for a long time. She is extraordinarily unfair. But that’s all right. We did very well the other night with the person I knew was even more unfair. Savannah. Fact, nobody seems Savannah for two days. What happened to Savannah? What happened to something they said we’d like to give Savannah? Guthrie said that’s alright. What difference does it make? They ask you a question? You give him an answer, right? It doesn’t matter. But she was sort of jumping out of her seat. She was like flying for she was like I told you. I told you said I don’t care what you told me. What does that mean? No way actually got a plus marks on that. But it was very unfair. And then you watch Sleepy Joe get interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. Nice guy, but he’s a tough guy, and he’s tough. I interviewed with him two weeks ago, whose stuff he’s given, Like these lobs, like in slow motion laws. No, it Zandt fair. But you know what? It’s so unfair and were president. And they’re not that, but they want to fund extreme late term abortion. They want a pack. Well, you got to get out and vote. You gotta get out and, uh, got to get out. They want to pack the Supreme Court. You know what that is? They could end up with 16 1920. They wanna put far left judges on the court. They’re gonna pick people so far left, and you’ll end up with far left justices like we’ve never had ever before. And our Supreme Court, instead of being what it is now revered, will end up being nothing. And they want to protect criminals and disarmed law abiding Americans. They want to take away your Second Amendment. If Biden wins the lawless demonstrators in our streets and you see them all the time, they’re Democratic. Run. You know, I always say Democrats, You know why? Because it sounds worse. They should actually change their name to the Democratic Democrats. Sounds lousy. But you know what? That’s actually their name. The Democrat Party, right? The Democrat Party. So I always say, Democrat, they say Democratic, I said, wanting to try changing your name officially. But the lawless demonstrators and they are they’re all Democrats, run cities and states almost every single one of them, and they don’t want toe really take care of it. They don’t want to take care of law enforcement. They wanna cut you see what’s going on in Seattle. First of all, the police who we love, they’re all quitting. They’re all leaving. And they’d still be occupying Seattle, except they found out that we were going in the morning that they all raised their hands. The reason they raised their hands is we were going in that morning. We’re going to take over. Can you believe it? We’re going to take over the section the large section of Seattle that these anarchists had their anarchist. That’s all they are. But, you know, in theory, Law and Order’s right. In theory, we have to be asked. We have to be asked to. The federal government has to be asked. But we went into Minneapolis and you know what happened? How long did that take? About 30 minutes. Remember, they formed a line. They formed another line. They were not socially distance, which is very bad, in fact. Well, they were very close. They had the world’s most expensive uniforms on that helmets that cost a fortune. There was more computer stuff going on in those helmets. But, you know, under the helmets, great brains and I’ll end tough. And they formed those lines. And then they said, Okay, let’s go. This is after two weeks of destruction in Minneapolis. That’s why we’re gonna win Minnesota for the first time since 1972 Republican. We’re gonna win now. It doesn’t hurt that in Minnesota they have Han Omar, who hates your country, who has broken the law, which is broken the law. Let’s see what happens. But she’s broken the law. But she hates our country. Mhm, No, we’re gonna We’re gonna win because of what we did with Minneapolis. We saved Minneapolis and we saved Seattle in Seattle, Was going real bad and all we wanna do you wanna know the truth was sort of saving the whole country. If you really think about it on, That’s why we have spirit, the likes of which I don’t think any campaign has ever had. That’s what’s happened. That’s what’s happened. You know something? I just left Michigan. You know that. Look forward to coming over here, but I just left and the early voting is going big. It should. It should go like it’s supposed to go, like 70 80% to the Democrats. And then we come in with the big wave. It’s gonna be a wave like nobody’s ever seen because our people want to get out and vote so they’ll start big heavy when they get, you know, the early voting. But especially on that November 3rd day, we’re gonna swamping it. But here’s what happened, and this is early, so this is early, but, you know, still hundreds of thousands of votes. Here’s what happened. So we’re supposed to be down, you know, big. And then we catch it like a ray source of race or secretary would start off on the ball. Well, that was what was supposed to sort of happened. And then you see what happens in the end. And I think we win. But something strange has happened in Michigan. You know, we brought back many car plants. Many, many. They hadn’t brought back a plant. I think it’s 42 years on. We brought back many an expansion of the car plants. So in Michigan, a strange thing has happened. Were leading substantially in the early voting. What’s that all about? What is that all about? Because something’s happening out there looking. I mean, take a look at this crowd. You can’t see it as’s faras. The I can see your people a Sfar azi Aiken. See this Election day? The people of Wisconsin And you know what? We win Wisconsin, we win the whole ball game away. What the hell do you think I’m doing here in a freezing night with 45 degree with, uh, What do you think I’m doing this for my health? I’m not doing this from my health. I’m doing it for that. And I’m doing it for that. How beautiful. Wow. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. But this election day, the people of Wisconsin must stop these anti American radicals by issuing Sleepy Joe Button. He has no clue. Anyway, Look, let’s not get ourselves. Let’s not get ourselves. He’s shot. Okay? I’m okay. Think of it. Think of it because this puts pressure on you. I am running against perhaps in the history of presidential politics, the worst candidate Obama wouldn’t even endorse him. They ran together. They went through the years. And then even after he won, I didn’t think Obama took so long. Right? And now I heard today they said, Sir, What? We have a little problem. What Obama is going to campaign for him. I said, Well, that’s good news. He campaigned harder than Hillary Clinton did for Hillary and it just made us stronger. I want him to campaign so much, I want him to campaign because we’re going to do even better. But it is true by issuing Joe Biden a tremendous defeat at the ballot box. But it’s not Joe Biden. Remember this. It’s a radical left sick ideology. Okay, amazing poll just came out 56% of the American people. Gallup. All right, say that they’re better off today than they were four years ago under the Obama by administration. That’s a record. That’s a record on. Think of what we’re saying. And by the way, that’s a record 56% of the people, and that’s during and we’re rounding the corner. We got the vaccines, all that. But even without it, we’re rounding the corner. You’ll see it. We’re rounding the corner and we have unbelievable vaccines are unbelievable and frankly, except for a little politics. But we have unbelievable vaccines. They’re coming out real soon, and the therapeutics are unbelievable in the cures. Excuse me, I’m here. I didn’t feel so good. I’ll be honest with you. I hadn’t been sick in a long time. I don’t have any time to get sick. It’s good. You know, if you’re busy, you don’t get sick because you have no time. You don’t think about it. But I wasn’t feeling so good. I wasn’t feeling like you’re president has to feel I wasn’t feeling like Superman and all of a sudden, the doctor, we have great doctors. One thing with being president. He got more doctors than any human being. I’m lying down on the better. Got 12 doctors from Johns Hopkins Hospital University. Great people, all great. I mean, talented, great people. And they love their president. They love their country. But I have doctors. They wanted to touch every single part of my body. I sit down, but I didn’t. You know what? I didn’t feel great. And there’s a drug. It’s Regeneron. It’s a transfusion. And all I know is the next morning I felt stronger than I’ve ever. I wanted to get out there, and I want to make new trade deals for your jobs. And I wanted todo. We’ve done a great job, a lot of jobs. They’re just a great job. But the most menacing aspect of the Biden Harris agenda is there Attack of law and order. And I was a big part, you know. I came in and I had you, sheriff. And what a great guy. Beth, I had your sheriff’s endorsement and a lot of other endorsements in Kenosha. Yeah, but you’re a place called conduction because if I didn’t get involved, there would be no Kenosha right now. There would be on. I wish they called earlier. I wish we could have gotten a little bit earlier, but that’s okay. And say what you want. I’ll tell you what I give you governor credit. Unlike Oregon because we could solve, we could solve Portland. In about I’d say 22 minutes. Okay. They’re anarchists. They’re wiseguys. They live in the basement with their parents, not with Joe, but with different basement. A different basement. They go home with their parents. But wiseguys, right? Antifa radical left. You know, nobody likes to say they’re in TIFA. The radical left, but they’re wiseguys. We could solve that in in two minutes, but they don’t wanna do it. At least you Governor said, Let’s go in and let’s solve the problem and we solved. It was late, but better late than never. But we solved and we saved Kenosha. And I want to thank the sheriff. And I want to thank the chief. I want to thank all of the law enforcement. I was there. I want to thank the people that were helping rebuild their stores in their businesses. The notion I never thought of Kenosha that it would be an important part of my life, but it did become because it was a terrible scene and it wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t their fault. But I’ll tell you what. Your law enforcement did a great job. We did a great job and I want to thank everybody. Involved are law enforcement in this country. If you let them do fairly what they do better than anybody in the world, they wouldn’t have any problem. They wouldn’t have any problems. You look at what’s going on in New York under Democrats. You look at what’s going on in Chicago under Democrats. Portland, Oakland, under Democrats, Baltimore Under Democrats. We have a great young congresswoman, hopefully running in Baltimore. She’s going to be fantastic. I hope she gets this Republican. I hope she gets a shot today. I want to explain to you the threat that they’re far left. Plans pose to the safety of your family, your community in your country. If you give the power to Democrats, the radical left will defund, disband, disarm and dismantle police departments all across America. Asked if he supports slashing police funding, you saw this last week, he said. Yes, yes, absolutely, yes, he’s honestly look, he didn’t even understand the question, but that’s what he said. It’s just like fracking, right, he said. There’ll be no fracking for a year. There’ll be no fracking. Then he gets lucky. Elizabeth Warren refuses to get out so Bernie could have the nomination. So Joe looks into it on a Super Tuesday, and now he’s standing in Pennsylvania and they want to frack because they have a million fracking jobs and because we’re energy independent and things. So he goes from saying For a year and a half, there will be no fracking. I wanted to put it on the screen, but it was so windy we would have needed, like 15 cranes toe hold up. The screen would have been a giant sail, but we have it, he says. No, fracking like 18 times. He then becomes the nominee, goes to Pennsylvania, which we’re gonna win too, he goes, you know, because because in Pennsylvania, I know when I went to school there in Pennsylvania they believe in law and order and they believe in energy and they believe in intelligence. Okay, they believe in intelligence, but so he now goes to Pennsylvania. He gets hit hard and he all of the senses. I never said that there will be fracking. First of all, always follow with these politicians because, you know, I’ve only been doing this for a short while. How the hell did I become president? You know, No, I’ve only been doing it for sure, but one thing I’ve learned but I’ve known politics. I’ve been dealing on the other side of politics. One thing it’s the first thing they say that always matters. And he said it for a long time, along with everybody else in this party. And there’s no way he could not do what he didn’t agree to in the first place. So he gets up and he says in Pennsylvania, No, no, we will frack, We will frack and the whole place. And not once he all the you know, the fake news media back there. Nobody said to him Nobody said to him, but for a year and a half, for a year and a half, you said there be no fracking. And now you said they’ll be fracking. Nobody asked him that question. It’s an incredible thing. You know why? Because they’re fake news. Yeah, yeah, only in Wisconsin could this happen. I know you will. ASL Ong As I’m president, we will never defund the police. We will strongly defend our police on. I will always stand with the heroes of law enforcement. No, I think I’m endorsed by every law enforcement group all over the country. Beyond the country. Get world endorsements. It’s the craziest thing I said. I never knew I was that militant and I’m not militant. You know what I want? Common sense. I want people to be safe, right? I want people to be safe. The Biden plan calls for abolishing cash bail or that’s wonderful. You have a murderer they want to abolish so that people all over look at what happened to New York. They abolished cash bail. Your crime went up like 200%. It’s terrible, and it’s common sense. It’s not like you have to be tough or not tough or it’s common sense. They’re going to release 400,000 criminals onto your streets and into your neighborhoods. If crazy joke becomes, the president’s not even conceivable no, no running against him. It puts such pressure because I’m running against the worst in the history of presidential. And now if I lose can you imagine if I lose, I will have lost to the worst candidate the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics. If I lose, what do I do? I’d rather run against somebody who’s extraordinarily talented. At least this way I could go and lead my life But we’re not gonna lose. We’re gonna win. We’re gonna win it numbers. We’re gonna win numbers, right? That’s why I can’t lose. That might be the second most important. You know what? The first most important? Because we’re gonna make America greater than ever before. That’s what their plan also includes disarming law abiding citizens. Namely, taking away your second a member, think of it while turning the entire country into one giant sanctuary for criminals. Illegal aliens, including those charged with rape, assault, murder. Kelly, further into the world, is almost built. I am very proud of that because any guy you know, being a developer, you just learn how to do it. But we had an entire very powerful party. That’s all they have. They have two things. They have a very powerful Democrat party that always sticks together. They don’t have any of these rebels that we have in the Republican Party call. I call them stupid people. I call them stupid, stupid people because they play right into the hands. But the Democrats really don’t have that. They have two things. They stick together like you’ve never seen. You are smart and they’re vicious, like let’s impeach him, even though he did nothing wrong, you know, they’re vicious, they’re vicious. Now what we have is we have much better policies. Like how about we want a strong border? They don’t wanna have a border. They would have open borders Way don’t want sanctuary cities. We don’t want to protect criminals. We want jobs. We want low taxes. You know, we have a lot of good things, but I told the Republicans all the time. A lot of people have a lot of influence over the party. You say you’ve got to get tougher. You got to get, you know, Onley fairer. But you gotta get meaner. But you’ve got to get tougher because they play a tougher game. But we have these rebels and all of you know they think the hot stuff. By the way, they usually end up outside of politics in a very short time. We make sure that for the entire summer, Biden was silent as radicals, anarchists, arsonist and Vandals rampaged through Democrat run cities in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland and other places. Biden call them peaceful protesters. Remember the guy on CNN? He’s standing there and he said, This is a peaceful. His hand is shaking. This is a peaceful I have no idea. It’s Ali Velshi. You have a really good Ali vulture. Shaved head, right? Shaved it. I’m thinking about doing that. That we don’t have to worry about that. Have that You shaved? No, he shaved it all off. He doesn’t have to worry about, um How does it look, darling? How does it look? First lady? How does it, darling? You’re the most handsome president. E said first lady, Um, I, the most handsome president ever. Yes, absolutely. I said who could top me while she said, Well, JFK was good looking, but nothing like you. Nothing like you don’t. Yeah. Thank you. Now you go home and you see this crazy CNN. Fortunately, their ratings are terrible, which is great, but you’ll see them say Donald Trump said. He’s better looking than JFK. You’ll see they’re sick people that got a lot of problems, but fortunately, they’re not doing so well. Earlier this month, writers laid waste to suburban residential neighborhoods just outside of Milwaukee. Biden will appease the rioters and the looters and the anarchist, and I’m having him arrested. You know what we’re doing having him arrested on, you know, when they knock down statues, you notice that’s very much stop. Certainly with federal statues, little thing happens. It’s amazing how quickly it stuff. They go to jail for a period of 10 years. You know, it’s amazing. They were getting all set to take down the incredible statue of Andrew Jackson, right by the White House. Right then, I said, We can’t let that happen. And I’ll tell you what. The police went out and they charged It was an incredible thing, you know, because today everyone wants to be so damn politically correct. The police are afraid if they touch somebody or speak to somebody rudely, they’ll be destroyed. Their pension will be gone. Their family will be gone. Now we gotta protect up. We’re gonna take you. They’re gonna be fair and you’re gonna have problems and you’re gonna have missed aches and people will choke. You know they’ll choke. You have a decision to make. They have a quarter of a second. Sometimes they make a and you’ll have some bad cops. And we gotta do something about those bad cops, and that happens. But 99.9 I mean, we have the they’re the most incredible people and they keep us safe, right? They keep, they keep us safe. So we have to take care of him. This year, more than 1000 law enforcement officers have been viciously attacked. Nobody talks about that. Nobody talks about that. Several police officers have been very, very brutally murdered. You saw a month ago with the two sitting in a car, and it’s, I mean, that’s just a horrible thing. The anti police rhetoric of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party is really what causes a lot of this, too. But it puts police officers in harm’s way. It really puts them in harm’s away. We can’t let that happen. Biden referred to police is the enemy just referred the enemy quote, quote the enemy and vilified them as an oppressive racist force. E mean this guy’s gotten just beating up. He doesn’t believe that. I really don’t believe I shouldn’t say that, but I don’t believe he believes that Joe’s running mate, How do you like her? Did Mike did Mike Pence do a great job? Get out, Great vice president, do a great job, Never let you down. It was just too easy. I said, Mike, that was just too easy. That’s not Oh, she was just terrible. She was terrible. I mean, I couldn’t believe he picture what? I’ve said it a lot. She treated him worse than Andy would have 27 candidates, right? 27 for this job. I could tell him it’s not that easy. Well, don’t forget we have Dunmore than any administration. In the 1st 3.5 years in the history of our country, we’ve rebuilt our military. We’ve cut more regulation than any other administration by a factor of a lot, and we all did this. We have Mawr federal judges by the end of the first term than any other administration. In fact, percentage wise, the only one that has mawr. There’s only one president that has more percentage was not the number because we’ll have 300 maybe even more than that by the end of the first time. But there’s only one president that has a higher percentage than I have. You know that? ISS George Washington Give him a hat. Give him a Make America great together. Well, say make America great again. Hat again. Again. We made it great again, and now we’re gonna make it great again because we had to close it up, save two million lives. And now we’re opening it up and we’re doing record numbers and you’ll hear Joe’s running. Made in America’s most liberal senator, Kamala Harris recently urged their supporters to donate to a fund that bailed out the rioters and did so much harm and even physical damage to people but damage in Minneapolis. And they want to bail him out of jail. And she was heading up a group to get him out of jail and including a really bad attempted cop killer. He attempted killing a policeman. 13 members of Biden staff donated to the same fund. You know, by the way they talk about fundraising, right? I’m good at fundraising. I could be the greatest fundraiser in history of the president of the United States. I’m like a really smart guy like you are, but I’ll tell you what we think of this. Think of this. If I wanted to pick up a phone and called Wall Street say the big firms say you have got to raise extra, they’ll do it. Everyone e mean, it’s so easy. It’s so easy I could have more money. The problem is, if you do that, what happens is when they call you in two months, three months, four months because they need something, you got to take their call and you gotta do it. So Biden is raising a lot of money because they’re promising all these things to all these people. Now, I I have a much better platform because I am the president, right? I could raise money and then the fake news goes out and says, You know what we’re doing? We’re doing great in the small donors, the small donors like $61 apiece and stuff. But I could raise more money than anybody in the history of politics, But I don’t want to call these people and say do me a favor. The head of Goldman Sachs. I don’t want to say do me a favor. All these people, nobody could ever raise money like may. I just don’t want to do it because it puts us all Meaning us. I did this for us. Not for me. Believe it. I didn’t I didn’t do it for May. I lost a fortune. This job job has cost me billions and billions of dollars billions. They don’t like to say that Billions of dollars. And yet of a man from Kuwait comes up and stays at one of my hotels for $259 and 13 cents takes a room. Next day, Trump takes Arab as a guest in one of hotels. I’ve been, you know, billions. I lost. And that’s okay, because I’m doing something that’s the most important thing I’ve ever done. I don’t care. They’re a lot of rich people around. What? But I’ve lost billions. E never talk about it. They never talk about it. So I get paid, I guess. 404 $150,000. And I give up my salary. I don’t get it. You don’t read that you don’t read it because you know what? It’s not good for them to say that, but and I don’t talk about it. But tonight I’ll talk about it. So I get the highest salary because you’re the president and I give it up. I don’t take it, so that’s nice. But I would say it costs me 23 maybe more billion dollars on all the work. I have good, good kids. They don’t do jobs they don’t do. I don’t say you can. Can you imagine if they want to go to the Middle East and do jobs all over the place? I’d have hotels being built in every city in every country, in the world, and I have great kids and their ambitious kids. They’d like to do it. I say you can’t do it and by the way, there’s no legal reason you can’t do it. But there is a big reason. Psychologically, you cannot go to Saudi Arabia and all these different places that we protect and we do all these things and that by a lot of our planes and a lot of our everything, you can’t allow them. You can’t allow them so that’s the way it is. But I would be the greatest fundraiser in the history of politics. But if you don’t mind, we don’t need the money. You know how we won’t do it that way. But they’re raising a lot of money, and every time I see them raising a lot of money, I say, because I know exactly what’s going on. Deals are being made, especially when you look at Joe Biden. I mean, look at what’s going on with that family. The Democrat parties. War on Cops is driving police officers toe leave their jobs in record numbers. No one is hurt mawr by the left wing crusade against law enforcement than African Americans That hurt the most. And you look at it and you know it last year. And by the way, large percentages of our police men and women are African Americans. The black community. Last year, in just four Democrat run cities, over 1000 African Americans were murdered as a result of violent crime. This year, murders and Democrat cities have increased by more than 30% and we help them. We help them. We want to help them. We say call, I say Call. They don’t want to call more than half of the victims or African Americans. Joe Biden and the Left ignore these American victims. I never will. We’re never gonna ignore him. We have Dunmore for the black community than any president. With the exception of Abraham Lincoln. It’s true. It’s true criminal justice reform. Obama couldn’t do it. I don’t even think he tried to do it, frankly. But he could have never done it. Bush couldn’t do. None of them could do it. Then it was desperately needed. Criminal justice reform. I did it. Prison reform. We did it. We did things. Nobody. How about opportunity zones? Right. So great for Hispanic. So great for the black community. The jobs we worked on that with a great senator from South Carolina. Tim Scott, Grace er, historically black colleges and universities. You went toe 10 which one did you go to? I love them. Very good. That’s a good one. I don’t know if I could have gotten in. That’s too good. That’s too tough. That’s a good one, right? That’s good. Well, anyway, they have to be happy with May. But listen. So after three years every three years, every year. So a group of like 44 people 44 45 did come up the head. People at all of these colleges and they come up and see him. And the first year I saw him, I thought it was routine and they’re up because they needed money for the colleges. I said, No, that’s interest. Second year I said, What are you doing back here? Why are you back? So we have to come every year for years and years. Decades they’ve been coming up every year. And then I see him the third year and I said, Wait a minute, let’s get this straight. You mean you come up here every three years to beg for money? He said. We beg for money and we feel like beggars. He’s the one Gentleman was great. He told me exactly those words. He said. They make us come back every Obama never did it. Obama never did it on. I said, So wait, here’s what we’re gonna dio. We’re going to get you long term funding and here’s what I did. I got them more money than they were asking for. And now for a 10 year period. And I said, The only bad news is I may never see you again. I may never see you again, but we did that for the black community and we did a lot of other things. And I say that nobody has done more for the black community. But but with all of that, the biggest thing of all his criminal justice reform. You know about Alice Johnson and we have so many people like Alice. She’s an incredible person. Ask yourself this question. Do you want to vote for the candidate supported by anti American rioters? Or do you want to vote for the candidate supported by so many of our great people and the heroes of law enforcement? And that’s what Z you know. Biden made his speech. I think it was today. I mean, he makes so few of them, I think, you know, stays in his place in Delaware, and I like Delaware. But does he ever leave Delaware? Right. But he made a speech. There was nobody in the audience, and they never say this. They never say we come here, take those cameras and show the police, please. Okay. You know we come here now. I’m telling you today they think the camera slip because in his case they shouldn’t show the audience. In our case, they should, and the camera must have slipped. And then there was like nobody there. He’s speaking and there’s nobody there. And I’m saying nobody reports that and he never leaves his little area. And you know, I’ll tell you what. As president of the United States, I met with Gold Star families the other week I met. When I meet with a lot of people, I cannot. I have an obligation. I can’t lock myself into a basement in the White House. I can’t lock myself into a beautiful bedroom at the top of the White House. I get what you’d be. You know, there’s no risk, no nothing. I’m the president of the United States, and I would often say Yes, I would often say I meet people that these air incredible. Like the gold Star families, they lost sons and daughters, husbands and Iraq and Afghanistan and other places. And I can’t say I want to cancel the meeting, and I met about 48 families and, you know, when they come up to you and they’re close to And they were tested? No, but you know, there’s questions all about everything, right? There’s a very difficult situation. And when they come up to you and they want to say my son was so brave and they want to tell you that it’s amazing. I mean, their son died three or four years ago. This is all in almost all case, I say. So tell me what happened, sir. My daughter was a helicopter pilot and she was so good. She was so good, sir. And she was. She was shot down, sir, in Iraq. And And then they tell me what happened and how brave and how great. And and I can’t say Do me a favor, You just can’t do that. And I say Every time I meet with groups of people, it’s not all like that. It’s also other people. And you meet with General. But I can’t cancel, like, cancel culture, you know, they want to cancel everything, right? I can’t cancel these people. I have to take care of our people. And every time I do it, I say, you know, it’s risky and shuras hell I caught it. And now I guess they say I’m immune. So you could I’m immune on. I got better fast. I got better fast. I can now jump into the audience and give you all a big kiss. The women and men. I’ll even kiss the men. I’ll kiss those big, powerful men down there. I won’t love it, but I’ll kiss anyway. So no, it zoo. It’s an incredible thing, but I have an obligation. I can’t say somebody said, Why did you do this? Why did you do this? Because these meetings are It’s so important to people. And you’re the president and I can’t do that and what happened? And I always said after I said, Boy, that’s risky. Probably, I guess. But, you know, whatever it is, and really I got really well taken care of. And I really believe that this therapeutic of this it was incredible. And, you know, we’re gonna make what I had available to everybody free, free. It’s incredible. The antibody. I think the antibody is the best thing. We’re gonna make it free. So, you know, it’s been incredible what we’ve been able todo if you support our police If you stand with the heroes of law enforcement, then you must defeat the Democrats on November 3rd. You have to dio, by the way, you know, I hate to say it. I got a little briefing. I’ve been here before, you know, But I got a little briefing on the air. You know, this is a Democrat area, but it’s a Democrat area that really likes Trump a lot. And a lot of us are really great, really great workers. And the workers like me, you know who doesn’t like me? The heads of the union. They never like me, you know, does like me. The people in the union, they like me. But I’ll tell you, this is largely, you know, a lot of Democrats and many people in this audience and Democrats, but they’re Democrats are gonna vote for Trump. And we do great here. Way do great here, Andi. I appreciate it. And I take care of our workers and I take care of jobs, and China will not get away with what they got away with. They’re not gonna get away with not going to get away with way. Just finished an incredible trade deal in fact, two weeks ago, the largest order of corn in the history of our country. The largest order of soybeans in the history. The largest beef order cattle, the beef order. And there’s all of that’s good. But you know what? Not the same. Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t mean what it would have meant had they not put us because they stopped it from going into China. But they didn’t stop it from going to the rest of the world, including our country, Europe, the rest of the world. So So you’re Democrats? Some, by the way. Just seriously. Without a big I’m just curious. Raise your hand if you’re seriously. That’s just I’m gonna do a poll. Of course. Nothing, right? I like these polls across. Not, you know, they do a poll cost a million dollars. A interview, like 12 people, right? Then they wonder why their polls air off. You know, we’ve interviewed 253 people. They over sample Democrats by 28%. Trump is down five. I said, Yeah, but you’re interviewing mostly Democrats. Did you ever see that? I guess there must be a legal reason why they have to put it. But they over sampled by 18 2021%. How about last election? So I was down in all nine places that I had a win. That wasn’t a good feeling, you know? Wake up. How we doing? Well, you’re down in all nine places. By the end of the evening, I won all nine places. Think of other than that, they did a great job of polling. They even had me believing it for a while. But what? I didn’t believe because we had a lot of spirit four years ago. And by the way, nothing like we have now. This is this’ll e. You know, this is still 17 days out and, you know, it sounds like very little, but that’s a lot. That’s a lot. Normally a crowd like this would be like for the night before for a candidate one time shot. We have this all over. You have to see what we had in Pennsylvania. In Florida, we were in Florida. We had, I think, 41,000 people all over. We were in Atlanta. We were in. We just got back from Georgia. I mean, it’s like this but the spirit. We have much more spirit now than we ever had four years ago, and we had a record, a record. But you know what? The media is more corrupt and they’re worse. The meat, it’s not. It’s not really Biden because you know you can’t. She was tougher. She was smarter. Look, Hillary was a lot smarter than sleepy Joe. Let’s not get out. She was a better candidate. Well, I don’t know. Look, you know, we’ll see how it all turns out what’s a better candidate, but it’s a bit, but she was much sharper. She was much smarter. But it’s not that the media has become crazed and the big tech companies have become crazed. They won’t let the fact that we caught him in a total corrupt deal. They won’t let the news get out. They won’t let. And in all fairness to Fox, I have my own problems with Fox. But at least Fox is letting it out, and I’ll tell you who is incredible. A newspaper called The New York Post, the oldest paper in America. It’s the fifth largest paper in America, and they are all in defining out about all of this. Joe Biden. Forget about the family. Joe Biden. Yeah. I mean, it really is right. It’s really corruption. But it’s Joe Biden corruption. So we’re thrilled to be here with some incredible people. And you’re going to be joined by a man. And I mean this to you know, I say all everybody is wonderful. And then half the time, you can’t stand them. But you got to say, But this guy is wonderful. He’s one of the smartest people in the Senate. A lot of people don’t know that. See, I know that because I do a lot of very complex things and there aren’t a lot of people that understand, but he understands, and nobody understands finance better. But now what he’s doing on he’s the chairman of Homeland Security. What he’s doing on corruption is unbelievable. And I am very proud of your state for a lot of reasons. But one of the reasons is that you have a senator named Ron Johnson. Where’s Leah? Come here. Come here. Come here. Come here. Ron, would you get him up, please? Get him up. Come on, Run! I gotta get him. He deserves He deserves Come on, Run! Come on! Secret Service is worried about Don’t worry about it. He is one of the greatest people. He’s one of the greatest senators. Andi, I guess you know, whatever the hell you are running, I’ll be here for you. I will tell you that. Please say a couple of words. Thank you, Mr President. Because I sing in the pre program. What I admire about President Trump is his tenacity. You know, the unfair treatment, the press by the Democrats by the deep state. It doesn’t deter him. He gets up every morning. He wants to make America great. And and he talked about the first step act. I was witnessed that criminal justice reform was dead. It was going nowhere until President Trump stepped up the plate and made sure he got it done. And he did. Another piece of legislation is very dear to my heart was something again. It was It was dead. It was going nowhere. It’s called right to try. Oh, Andi, that’s your president. I will never forget in that stand union address. You start talking about this bill that I’ve been champion. You haven’t said the name that I’m gonna I think he’s trying about right to try and all of a sudden he goes, We have to pass right to try and I don’t know that you saw me spring up like a Jack in the box. But again, that is President Trump’s leadership. He doesn’t get credit for it, but he wakes. He wakes up every day like the rest of you, loving this country and doing everything he can to make it a greater country. God bless you. God bless President Trump. Thank you. Thank. He’s a great guy. Don’t lose him, Ron. One of Europe next year. Next the next time. Two years, right? Don’t lose him. I’ll be here. Run. I’ll be fighting for you know, he’s really a great guy and I’m glad you came up and I’m glad to have you here run. And really, we’re very proud of you. We have some warriors with us and people that have been with us through the fake impeachment hoax. That was one of the great hoaxes. And don’t forget, we have done, and Ron understands that better than maybe anybody we’ve dunmore in 3.5 years than any administration. 1st 3.5 years thin. Any administration in the history he mentions right to try. That’s where a person is terminally ill and they can’t get a medicine that looks really good. But it hasn’t been approved because it has to go through this long process, which we’ve cut in half, by the way. But they can’t get so now. They sign a document and, you know, it was very complicated, but not for me. It wasn’t complicated. I said You take the liability away but we had problems with the insurance companies because they didn’t want. We had problems with everybody, including the country. They don’t want to get sued so people would go all over the world if they had some money. If they didn’t have money, they go home and they just die. And now if we have something that may work, but it’s two years away. Three years away they signed just a quick waiver and we’ve had a right to try and Ron, I don’t know if you know the successful, it’s been unbelievable. The number of people This isn’t just trying. We have kept people alive and healthy and well and fully recovered. A you know, it’s a very great thing and I could never understand because for years I said, Why wouldn’t they give somebody who’s terminally ill the drug and because they say we don’t want to get sued because they’ll get sued? You know, the family will pursue or something happens. I mean, I understand it all, but we got it. They signed a waiver, but we got it done and the effects and you know what else happened? Side effect, that nobody thought too much about thes companies that are trying to prove that their drug works. I’ll tell you, if it works there, it works everywhere. It’s incredible, and they’re able to be able to speed it up where they speed them up because we’ve had some unbelievable stories, one in particular that I know a young lady who spoke it are at the National Convention Republican National Convention. But the success rate has been incredible. So I want to thank you for that. You’re right. You’re one of the authors of it. We want to also thank Glenn Grothman. Glenn has been incredible. He’s been from the beginning by me, and I want to thank you for what you’ve done a young, beautiful gentleman, Brian style. Hi, Brian. What a job he’s doing. Want a job? This is your deal over here, right? This is good Thistle, is it? Keep him happy. I’ll tell you, it’s a big future. Thank you very much for being here. And everybody knows Darin LaHood. Darren. Thank you. Great job warriors. Glorious. You really are. You’re all great, Wisconsin. You’re producing good in Wisconsin. What can I tell you? The Wisconsin GOP Chairman, Andrew Hit. Where’s Andrew? Thank you, Andrew. How are we doing, Andrew? Gonna win this. They’re gonna win it. We got a winner. By the way. I wanted Thio before, before Ron Johnson interrupted me. So who is, uh, who is a Republican here? Just raise your hand. I’ll catch a lot. I Seriously don’t worry about your hand. We all love you. Who is a Democrat here? Republicans. You better get out there and win, huh? Now And we really do know we appreciate it. We have a lot of them over there, too. We have a lot of democrats, but we really do appreciate it, you know, because ultimately we’re looking for the same thing. We’re looking for unity. We’re looking for one country and the question was asked a week ago and they said, What about bringing the country together? Because I want that And I said We were there before the China virus hit us. We were there and we were getting calls because the success was bringing us together As a country, we had the greatest employment numbers. We had the greatest African American, Hispanic, American, Asian American women, people with a diploma, people without a diploma, people that graduated first in their class at M I t everybody. Everybody was 160 million people working. We never had anything like it. And I’m telling you, I bet it was true with you guys. We were getting calls from people that you would least suspect and the country is coming together. Then we got hit by the China virus that was back to the drawing boards. But the country is coming together and it’s going to come together. It’s gonna be success. And next year we’re gonna have the most successful year. Economically, I think that way back, I also want to introduce the Republican candidate percentage from the state of Illinois mark current. Mark, I heard you were here. Good, good. Good. Dude, I like it. That’s great. Good luck. Here. You doing well, Mark? Good luck. Great to have you. Thank you very much. Tell you what. Illinois could use a new governor. That guy doesn’t know what’s happening. They gotta open up that steak. They gotta open up that kids have to get back to school. You know, Baron had it right. They said Baron Baron Trump. My boy, My very tall young boy. He’s very tall. But Baron Trump had it. And they said Sorry. Tested positive. Like about nine seconds later. House Baron doing? Oh, he’s all better. No young people you know they have. We hate to admit it. They have the stronger. They’re very strong immune system. Incredibly strong. We have to get back to school. Have to get back. Thio. You watch what happens on November 4th. They’ll all say, All right now, everybody, they’re only doing this for politics. I really believe that because they want the numbers to look a bad as possible. So whether it’s your state or whether it’s an Illinois or whether it’s New York or whether it’s Michigan Hey, we won the case in Michigan. The courts have now forced her. They said it was unconstitutional watching e the only person in the whole state that was allowed to have fun and go bony and play tennis. And do what? Everyone was. The governor’s husband, right? Her husband was free to do whatever he wanted, but other than that, it was like a prison she was operating. This election is a choice between a trump super recovery and a Biden depression, and you know they’re going to raise your taxes substantially like quadruple. There’s the only candidate, you know. All my life I’ve been involved in politics, never from this side. But, you know, a few years ago I said, Let’s give it a shot. But what I’ve always been about there is the only time my life, you know, I always heard it was good to cut taxes. I said, How do you say we’re giving a massive tax increase? Everybody And it’s everybody because you know, you’re getting thousands of dollars a year from my tax cuts. We gave the greatest the biggest tax cut in history, and he wants to end the trump tax. Could now, he said, Well, I won’t do that the same thing, like fracking, you know, I’m gonna frack frack. Okay? He’s just changed his mind, but he wants the end it. And don’t forget child tax credit. That’s $1000 for every child. So he’s gonna end all that. So he was gonna were gonna end. He didn’t realize that the middle income people getting a tremendous tax cut, and so and if you had energy to it because they’ll drive energy through the roof, you know, they want to end fossil fuel. They’re gonna end fracking 100%. They’re gonna end fracking e. This guy goes about, we’re gonna end fracking for a year and a half. Then he looks out, gets the nomination because Pocahontas refused. Do what she should have done if she believes really, in his philosophy of being a socialist, right? And he gets it. And as soon as he gets and he says, No, no, we’re gonna frack. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. But if you add energy to it right, you add energy. We’re talking about 67 $8000 a family. That’s a tremendous amount. There’s never been anything like that. So if you vote for May, you have the greatest. If he gets in, he’s going to raise your taxes like crazy. If he gets in and it’s not him again, it’s his people that tell them what to do if he gets in. You have the greatest depression in the history of this country. Your stocks will go to hell. Everyone thinks stocks. So it’s rich people. Everybody owns stocks. Your 401 case, who has a 401 k here? That’s a lot of people. Okay, Are you practically at your old time? Hot right. Your 401 case will be like wastepaper basket stuff. They’ll be right there on the floor. You have a depression, the likes of which we’ve never seen, with the possible exception of 1929 because I don’t think it gets much worse than that. But you can’t do that. You can’t let this happen because he’ll destroy everything we’ve done, you know, regulations. We cut more regulations than any administration in history and regulation, maybe mawr important in terms of jobs and everything than even the biggest tax cut. It’s the biggest tax cut in history, and I think the regulation cut, which is more than any president’s done. No matter there were eight years or, in one case, more. It doesn’t matter. Our regulation cutting was the biggest. He wants to put the ball back. That means all these companies that moved to America that moved to the United States that came here because of lower taxes because of all of the things that we’ve done, used to take 18 to 21 years to get a highway built to get a highway approved. We’ve got it down to two years, and it may. And let me tell you, it may not make it if it doesn’t work, environmental year of It’s unsafe, but at least you’re gonna know we’re trying to get it toe one year, by the way, and we’re close to getting it. But it used to take, I mean, we have highways. For 20 years, they’ve been trying to get approvals, and then after that gets approved it’s totally different, and it costs hundreds of times more money. If you vote for me, prosperity will surge, normal life will fully resume and the next year will be the greatest year economically in the history of our Joe Biden would terminate our recovery with a draconian, unscientific locked down. I mean, not that you’re already in it, and they’ll keep Wisconsin locked up, locked down and closed for business. Biden will shut down the country, delay the vaccine and prolong the pandemic, and companies will be afraid to invest in Wisconsin if you if you have this happen in our country. But you have a Democrat governor, I don’t know. But he’s a nice guy, probably. But But I will tell you companies, big companies, very strong companies, companies like as an example, Foxconn. They don’t want to invest with these people. They don’t want to invest. They don’t have any security. They don’t have any. They don’t want to invest. I get in. Companies like that will put more money in than they even promised. But they’re very concerned. I mean, they have toe have the right climate, so we are going to do things with Wisconsin. But we’re going to do things with this country like honestly, has never even been done before, and people will come together because of success. So we’re delivering a safe vaccine very soon. in a rapid recovery. Biden’s plan will crush Wisconsin. My plan will crush the virus and will make Wisconsin greater than ever before. That’s what’s gonna It’s gonna happen fast. You know, when you have a spike, you have a surge. But, uh, if you remember two months ago, Florida had a big surge, it’s now gone. Numbers Overy down. It’s totally open. Texas had a very big surge, and now it’s down. If you look at Arizona had a big, big surge. Great, all great governors, and it’s down. It’s down. All load numbers really know numbers, and you’re gonna have the same thing. But you gotta open up. You gotta go open up. Got to get the place going. Joe Biden is the living embodiment of the corrupt political class that enriched itself while draining the economic life and soul from our country. 47 years, he says, Well, I should have done this or that. I said, Yo, you here for 47 years, you never. I always hated what he says, that I should have done something I said, you know, And he only left a short time ago, wasn’t like they were 25 years ago. He’s been and a high position for 47 years. I said, Joe, you could have done something for the last 47 years. Joe Biden shipped away your jobs. Shut down your factories and you know it very well. You got hit hard here through open your borders and ravaged our cities while sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless wars that were ridiculous in countries that you’ve never even heard of. Joe Biden. They’re all coming back. They’re all coming back. I got a lot of them, most of them back. Joe Biden is and always has been a corrupt politician. I hate to say it, and the Biden family is a criminal enterprise. It really is. It’s a criminal enterprise, To be honest with you. He makes crooked Hillary Clinton look like an amateur. And China has already bought and paid for Joe Biden. Let me tell you, if Joe Biden became president, China will own this’ll Country China, China will on, you know, they’re paying us billions and billions of dollars a year. I charged them. They never paid us 10 cents. I gave $28 billion to the farmers, many of them right here 28 12 and 16 2 years, I said to Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture, Great guy. How much have we been targeted for our farmers by China? He said, sir. Two years ago, $12 billion and last year 16. 28 billion. I said, That’s good. We’re gonna target them. We took $28 billion. We had tens of billions leftover. They went to the treasury. Our treasury, By the way, Our treasury right into our treasury, not into China’s treasury, our treasury. But we had 28 billion that went to the farmers and a lot of you farmers got it. I also cut the tariffs between Canada what they were doing to you with 287% tariffs. So I’m not just running against Biden. I’m running against the left wing media, the big tech companies. But if you think about the Democrats and the media are one and the same, When you look at M s DNC and you look at fake news, CNN, then you look at the fake New York Times. The failing New York Times in the good news is look well, I don’t even call good news. But when someday I leave, whether it’s in four years, eight years, 12 years, 16 Now the story tomorrow will be with the factors. He is a fascist. He wants to take over again. No. But when At some point I leave, they’re all out of business. They’re gonna go ahead of it. They’re going to go out of business. They know it, too. That’s why I expect someday they’re gonna all get together and say, Let’s endorse him. I mean, you know, because he’s done a really good job, and they know that this political class has nothing but disdain for you and for your values. They flood your communities with criminal aliens, drugs and crime while living behind gated compounds and communities. They oppose school choice so important to school choices while sending their families to the best private schools. They attack the Second Amendment while employing armed guards for themselves. They want to get rid of your Second Amendment. It’s not gonna happen with me, I promise. I don’t think they’ll get Ron Johnson on this side. Run. Can I have your pledge, please? I will protect. Okay, we got Ron Johnson. Fellas, we have your votes in 2016. Wisconsin voted to fire this corrupt and decrepit political establishment, and you elected an outsider is president to finally put America first Thio, defend our workers and our national security, I took the toughest ever action to confront China’s rampant theft of American jobs. When China targeted us, we targeted them, and it was very simple. And now we’re providing all sorts of everything. What we’re doing for you. We have $13 billion coming to help our farmers, in addition to all of the money that China paid our farmers, including Wisconsin’s incredible dairy farmers. How’s the dairy business, right? Anybody here do specialty milk? People don’t realize a specialty milk. A very important is there Anybody is very small part, but it was like the straw that broke the camel’s back because I met with these guys and what they were doing, ripping you off on the big stuff. Specialty milk and anybody do specialty milk. It doesn’t. You know what? It’s so small. But when I heard it, it was like 287%. Well, those days are over. When the Wisconsin timber industry was threatened, I impose tariffs on dumped foreign goods and subsidized products, saving your timber jobs and we have a long way to go. We could save a lot more. We got plenty of timber. I always say, Why the hell are we Take it in timber from other countries. We have it all over the place. And if they ever manage their forests in California and other places, you wouldn’t have these forest fires. And part of that is cutting wedges. You know, you have to cut wages and all that stuff is so we have so much timber and e, I guess we’re just nice people doing it from other lands, right? But we’re doing good with our timber. We saved our timber jobs. If Joe Biden gets in, the radical left will shut down Wisconsin timber production forever. You know, they don’t wanna let you touch a tree. If you happen to touch your tree, they want to put you in jail for the rest of the lie. I also issued brand new regulations to ensure American workers are first in line for jobs. We want American workers to be first in line. Find will allow his donors to bring in a flood of cheap foreign workers and wipe out your middle class. We don’t want that happening. Under my leadership, we achieved the most secure border in U. S. History. Our Southern border is so secure. That wall we’re doing 10 miles a week and we’ll be hitting over 400 miles within a period of a couple of weeks on. It will be finished very soon on, By the way, Mexico is paying for the wall. You do, You know, they keep saying so. Finally they said, Well, alright, he’s built the wall. Let’s not talk about the wall anymore. So now whenever they go But Mexico is not No, no, Mexico is paying. We’re putting in charge of the border and every Mexico is paying us for the wall. But but Mexico has been great to us because they have 27 0 soldiers all along our southern border. And I want to thank the president of Mexico who happens to be a great guy. And they do have a big covert problem. This is a good time to have a wall because, you know, we have that wall and it is not penetrable. It is just not remember they used to talk about. We don’t need a wall that’s obsolete, right? They wanted drones, drones, little drones flying all over. You know what the drones would be good at with cameras on them so that we could watch all the people pouring into our they wanted drones. Remember crying Chuck Schumer? You know Schumer, He cries anytime. I’ve known him all his life. I’ve never seen him cry. But when he wants to get on camera, he cries so much crying, Chuck, I call it, you know, because he feels so sad. He feels so sorry for people. Don’t worry about he doesn’t But cryin, Chuck, you understand what I mean? Crying Chuck, What a beauty. Rot looks like the because Not a good guy, but cryin Chuck was talking about wills are obsolete. I said, Well, zahren obsolete. And he said, No, no, we need technology drones. I said drones aren’t gonna help you other than being there. Nice. You know, we have all sorts of attachments to the wall. This wall is technologically very advanced and drones are fine, but you gotta have a wall. And then I said to a group of people and they thought It was sort of cool. You know, you do a computer today, you do a chip, you do anything today. It’s obsolete in about 19 minutes, right? We’ve just developed a new computer. It’s the greatest thing ever. Three weeks later, somebody does a better one, right? It’s a horrible business. And that’s why I like the real estate. You buy a good piece of land. That’s cool. I like it better. Simpler, right? But you know what? Everything’s obsolete like in 15 minutes, except for two things that you know what that is. I’ve been telling you, right? Ah, well And the wall In 1000 years, you’ll come back, and the only two things that you’ll have there are very modern will be a wheel and then we’ll look at the wall they built over there. They took trucks and they put them together because they don’t want any criminals coming in here. So that’s a wall. If they had a drone circling up, there are great Secret Service. I think our Secret Service would be Who are the bad guys and who are the good guys? Look at that. They built a wall. That wall took them about 12 minutes. But the two things are a wheel and a wall that everything else is gonna be obsolete in about 12 minutes. In the last three years, we’ve arrested over half a million criminal aliens, including those charged with murder, assault, sex offenses. We have over 6000 murderers that ICE has apprehended in our great Border Patrol, and we owe them a debt of gratitude. They do that. Think of that 6000 murderers we took off the streets, in some cases there so bad we didn’t even want to give. We have to take. I don’t want to pay for them for the next long period of time. Franklin was up to me. I’m a person that believes in the death penalty. But what are you gonna so controversial? So we’ll end up keeping them for 50 years. We’ll end up feeding him for 50 years. But look, let me just tell you we have. We have what the job that ice does and Border Patrol and, you know, like this guy’s a tough guy. You don’t want the job, you don’t want it, you don’t want it. There’s a couple of guys could probably maybe You’d be good at it. It looks pretty tough. You gotta be tough. You know, these guys, the ice guys. You’ll see these. These killers from the M S 13 their total killers. Sit down, folks. They’re just relax there. So exciting they won’t sit down. Just sit down. But, you know, you get these kids what? They’ll be standing up in about two seconds. Well, that’s a compliment, right? It should be a compliment. Right? That’s very nice. I appreciate it, but relax. Relax. What the hell else do we have to do tonight? The fact is, does anybody have a better time than at a trump Rally way? Don’t call it a rally. We call it a friendly protest. Because legally, if I call it a friendly protest, you’re allowed to be here. If you call it a rally, you’re entitled to people or something. Somebody said, let’s call it a protest. So everybody raise your hand. This is a protest, right? That’s actually true. Under the Biden administration, these criminals would be set free under the Trump Administration. These criminals are put in jail or this at home. We have to We can’t do this. And by the way the M s 13 gang members are the worst anywhere in the world they don’t even want, right? They don’t even hope you didn’t come into contact with one. No, you know too much about them. I don’t know. I’m worried about you. Stand up. I’m worried about you. What the hell do you know so much about Mr T? Look at that guy. Who are you not? Is he with you? You know what? Can I be honest with you? He’s with you. You have no problem. You got no problem. Thank you. Thank you both very much. That’s great. Great. But the M S 13. Their killers, They’re horrible people. And these people go in and they just they go with the Komen nest. Will there be standing there just running and start swinging and fighting? And then they always come out on top. And you know what? There aren’t a lot of people that would be good at that job. And we have to respect those people that protect us like this. Immigration security is national security. Remember that. And we have toe have borders. A nation without borders is not a nation. We don’t have a nation. So on behalf of the United States, I’d like to extend my sincere, really sincere condolence. And so, a friend of mine, President Macron of France, where they had just yesterday a vicious, vicious Islamic terrorist attack beheading an innocent teacher near Paris, beheading her Ah, horrible thing. And they’ve apprehended nine people who knows? But we’ve been very, very strong on radical Islamic terrorism, and we do have a band. People said, Oh, that’s such a terrible thing to remember. I put the ban on and then we got sued and we lost lost, and then we one in the United States Supreme Court. We’ve also invested, and France is having a hard time in. Macron’s a great guy, and I just want to say whatever we can dio. We’ve also invested 2.5 trillion with a T trillion dollars in the U. S. Military, which was totally depleted when way including major contracts to build new warships that saved the historic shipyard right here in Marinette Marine and Wisconsin. We gave you billions about a lot of states. One of that contract. I gave it to you and I came to Marinette about three months ago and they do a great job. But a lot of people wanted that. A lot of states wanted it, and it’s okay. I’m gonna lose those states. But that’s all right. Just remember that Wisconsin, but we gave it. It’s gonna It’s a lot of jobs. It’s actually a very big contract that gets bigger, but they do fantastic work. I looked at what they were doing incredible, talented people, and you would have lost that shipyard. That’s a big yard. You would have lost it, but we saved it. Then we’ve done plenty. We launched the first new branch of the U. S. Armed forces in nearly 75 years. The space force on I withdrew from the last administration’s disastrous $150 billion for nothing plus 1.8 billion in cash, Iran nuclear deal. And if and when we win, if we win, the first call I’m going to get is from the head of Iran and he’s gonna say, Let’s make a deal, you know, around their economy, their GDP went down 27%. They’re dying to make a deal. I said, Look, you want to really see the election because you’re not gonna be in a position. You got to see the election. The first call I get will be them. And then I’ll tell you the other calls. But I better not, because I’m going to just make the deal harder if I do. But plenty of other nations, they’re gonna be calling because they’re gonna wanna make deals. I recognize the true capital of Israel and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem on I also recognized, by the way, every president for many, many presidents, right? Every single president said they were going to do that. And you went back how maney presidents many, many, many decades. And they all said they were going to do it, and they never did it. Because I’ll tell you what, It wasn’t easy. Once I got the office, the pressure put on your president not to do it was incredible. And I told the story I didn’t take phone calls. I got calls from kings and presidents and prime ministers not to do it. Don’t do it, sir. Don’t do it. We don’t want you to do it, you know? And it’s gonna be horrible if you do it, sir. it’ll cause problems. Then finally, I said, I’ll tell you what, Who’s calling the king? Who’s calling? And Amir? Who else is calling Prime ministers? Presidents? In one case, a queen? I was thinking about taking her call, but specific. And I said, No, no, no. What are they calling about? They want to talk you out of moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. I said, Really, it’s very important. Okay, tell them that I’m going to call them back on Thursday. I had the press conference on Tuesday, so I said, Tell him I’ll call him back on Thursday. I look forward to talking to him. I then announced that we were doing it and we had Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And then I call back the heads of all these countries. Yes, King. What could I do for you, President of the United States? Well, I wanted to talk to you about Israel, but it’s already been announced. O g. I wish I got to you a little bit soon. I’m sorry. No, it’s much, much easier than you know. Like, what do we need? So I got back to him. They were all very disappointed and you know what? We opened and it was going to cost anywhere from a billion to $2 billion. And I said to my very talented, who is one of the greatest lawyers in New York, David Friedman, a great lawyer. I said, David, see if you can get a piece of land cheap or a piece that we already own because they want to spend $2 billion to build this thing. I said we could do it Cheaper clothes me back. Two days later, sir, we have a piece of land with a building on it. I think we could renovate it for $350,000 and it’ll be nicer than the one they wanna build. So we did it for 350. I actually first time in my life. I said, David, I’ve never said this before. It sounds too cheap. Make it 500,000. So instead of spending a billion to two billion, probably would have never got built. You can imagine the cost overruns, everything else. And this was a better location. A bigger piece of land, the better of you. Better, everything safer. Better part you know we got there early. We have the best land, right? That’s why I said it. I said, David, no matter where you are, we were always there first, right? If you want a good building by a post office, you know it’s always there. They were always there first, but we were there first. I said we must and he said, We have a great piece of land ability. We fixed. It was an empty building and it’s beautiful and we use Jerusalem Stone, which is a complicated thing. But I won’t tell you about a very expensive except if you happen to be in Jerusalem and it’s a beautiful embassy and it’s opened. And now we have the capital and I’ll tell you something. Think of it. Every single president you go back during the campaign, they used to campaign on it and nobody had the guts to do it. But we did it. Oh, look at you. We did it right. Did I do it? And we opened the embassy three months later. Can you believe that instead of 10 years later we would we wouldn’t have that thing open for 20 years? I also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. 52 years they worked on it. I got it done in about two hours on instead of endless war in the Middle East, were forging peace without blood all over the sand. Okay, on countries air coming in and they all want to come in. And the fact is, I did Maurin 47 months, then Joe Biden did in 47 years. And it’s true. What he did was distract on. Now the Democrats are pushing the most far left agenda ever put forward by a presidential nominee. The Biden plan would destroy your Social Security and destroy protections for people with preexisting conditions. You don’t know that they want to spend all their money on this ridiculous green new deal for $100 trillion. It’s crazy. Just a C plus three. A poor student has no idea about the environment. All of a sudden, she is coming up with a green new deal, and we will not let them take your cattle. Don’t worry about your cattle. Are next. Cattle are next, Biden vowed, determinate our travel bans on jihadist regions, and he wanted to search, and they’ve agreed to this This is the manifesto I call it with Bernie Sanders. Crazy Bernie and Serge. Refugee admissions by over 700%. This is agreed toe opening the floodgates to radical Islamic terrorism House France doing not too good you stayed in. Your country will be overrun and overwhelmed. And it will never happen on my watch. Yeah, for your party. Never. Never, never, Never, Never. Biden wants to ban school choice. The most important thing school choice. And he wants to end charter schools which have been so successful because he is controlled by a group. But with that, some of the most important people on this planet are teachers. Remember that we love our teachers way. Love our teacher. In the second term, I will provide school choice to every parent in America. And you know, when you talk about the black community, the Hispanic community, that’s one of the great civil right developments in our countries called school choice. Right? One of the most important things we can do. School choice and charter schools. But school too. Ah, vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities. Great job. Just incredible jobs and a limitless future for all Americans. It’s really about the American dream. The American dream is alive and well. The American dream is alive and well. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Please. Thank you very much. And I will say again, again and again. Had we not been hit with this virus, you would have seen things that, like you’ve never seen before. But we’re gonna have it back there very, very soon. We’re setting records. We’re gonna have it back very soon. So in conclusion, over the next four years, we will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world. And we will end our reliance on China once and for all. We’ve already started Way will hire more police, increased penalties for assaults on law enforcement. And we will ban deadly sanctuary cities. Way will uphold religious liberty, free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Second Amendment And we will strike down terrorists to threaten our Children and our citizens. And we will keep America out of these endless and ridiculous foreign wars. Way will maintain America’s unrivaled military. Might we have the greatest military now in the world? When I took over 3.5 years ago, you know it. In the military, our planes were old. Everything was old. Our missiles or rockets. Our nuclear wasn’t in the condition that had to be in. You never want to use it. You never want to use it. We hope to God we never have to use it. Now we have the greatest weapons ever produced by a single country. Not even close the hydro sonic missiles. I call them the Super Duper Missiles. They go seven times faster than a normal missile. Now, President Obama let that get away. They took our plans to Russia and other places. But now we’re We’ve done because we had the technology like nobody else, so that missiles, rockets, ships, tanks from Ohio, we make him in Ohio. We kept the plant open. I kept that plant open. Lima. I kept I kept the plant open. I said, You can’t close this plan. The plan was to close, and I said, way make the only place in the country I visited Went to Ohio with Jim Jordan. A great guy I visited and I saw the people. I saw the technology and the complexity. I said you’ll never be able to build. You’ll never be able to reproduce it. Anyway. We kept it open, and now it’s working 24 hours around the clock. Okay, All made in us. New jets, the fighters, F 30 fives, everything new. And when I took over our military and you know what, the military people, it was totally depleted. We now have the greatest with the envy of Russia and China and North Korea and every country in the world. There is nobody that has anything near our weaponry on again. We hope to God we never, ever have to use it. But we will have peace through strength. That’s what also all of way will end. Surprise medical billing. Require price transparency which goes into effect on January 1st and further reduce the cost of prescription drugs. You know, I you know, I invoked a thing. You know that what I did, You know, I invoke the favored Nations clause, so we’re going to pay whatever the lowest price in the world, I said. That’s what we’re going to pay. The difference is 60 70 80 90% reduction. I am not very popular. However, with Big farmer, you’re spending a lot of money on ads against me. When you see those ads, please remember your drug prices air coming down for a reason. Most powerful lobbyists in the world, they have the biggest lobby in the world by far. But it’s the only way. I mean, every year that what they were doing to people, no good. So and or maybe we’ll make a deal with Big Farmer along the way. But they are spending a fortune of bands, and that’s okay. I mean, people get it. It’s gonna be the biggest price reduction. Gonna go down 67 80 maybe 90%. In some cases, we will strongly protect Medicare and Social Security. And we will always protect patients with pre existing conditions. And they will. America will land. The first woman in the moon on the United States will be the first station tow land. An astronaut on Mars. We’re getting very close way will stop the radical indoctrination of our students on restore patriotic education to our schools. We will teach our Children to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great American flag Way will live by the timeless words of our national motto In God, we try. For years you had a president who apologized for America. Now you have a president who is standing up for America and standing up for the great people of Wisconsin. Get out and vote. So get your friends and get your family. Get your neighbors. Get your co workers if you have Ah, big, lazy boss if you have a guy that’s £150 overweight, but he’s a pretty good boss, but he’s a little lazy. Say, Boss, I’m sorry, but you have to get up and you have to vote for Trump. You’ve got to get out and vote and you can request an absentee ballot today. And if you already have one, return that ballot right away. Or just get out and vote. That’s what I like from Madison. Till Milwaukee from Osh Kosh. 20 Claire, My beautiful names. I love cash. Cash. I love her. You know why Children’s clothing? I love it. I get plenty of right. I know they left and they didn’t know I’m right. I had plenty of it. And from Green Bay to right here in Janesville, we inherit the legacy of Wisconsin patriots who gave their blood, sweat and tears for our beloved nation. We stand on the shoulders of American heroes who crossed the oceans, blazed the trails, settled a continent, tamed the wilderness, dug out the Panama Canal, lay down the railroads. I mean, think of these things. Think of these things, what we’re talking about. Raise up the great giant skyscrapers, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism, and made America the single greatest nation in the history of the world. And we are making it greater than ever before. That’s what’s happening. Proud citizens like you helped build the country. Now you help build this incredible country, and together we are taking back our country. We are returning power to you, the American people, with your help, your devotion and your drive. We are going to keep on working. We’re going to keep on fighting on. We are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. We are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under God. And together with the incredible people of Wisconsin, we have made America powerful again. We have made this country powerful, like it’s never been. We have made America wealthy again. our stock markers just about it in all time high. Look at your stocks. Look at those 401 case. How would you feel if it went down by 100%? It’s gonna only go up. We have made America strong again. We have made America proud again. We have made America safe again. And we will make America great again. Thank you, Wisconsin. Thank Thank yeah.


President Donald Trump speaks to Janesville crowd for more than 90 minutes

President delivers remarks on law enforcement, economics

A crowd gathered at Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville on Saturday night for a President Donald Trump campaign rally. “We win Wisconsin, we win the whole ballgame,” Trump said. The campaign was taking temperatures and handing out masks to supporters. People were not required to wear them, but the supporters seen on camera standing right behind Trump did have masks on, while others did not. “We’re doing great. We’re doing really well. You should have a Republican governor because frankly, you got to open your state up. You got to open it up. You got to open it up; get back to school,” Trump said. Trump delivered remarks for more than 90 minutes on law enforcement, economics, peace in the Middle East border security, coronavirus, schools, and health care, among other topics. He called U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson up on stage at one point. The president also took shots at Joe Biden and the media. “I did more in 47 months than Joe Biden did in 47 years,” Trump said. “We are returning power to you, the American people,” Trump said. “We are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under God.” Before Janesville, the president held a rally across the lake in Muskegon, Michigan. He has rallies planned Sunday in Nevada, Monday in Arizona and Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

A crowd gathered at Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville on Saturday night for a President Donald Trump campaign rally.

“We win Wisconsin, we win the whole ballgame,” Trump said.


The campaign was taking temperatures and handing out masks to supporters. People were not required to wear them, but the supporters seen on camera standing right behind Trump did have masks on, while others did not.

“We’re doing great. We’re doing really well. You should have a Republican governor because frankly, you got to open your state up. You got to open it up. You got to open it up; get back to school,” Trump said.

Trump delivered remarks for more than 90 minutes on law enforcement, economics, peace in the Middle East border security, coronavirus, schools, and health care, among other topics.

He called U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson up on stage at one point.

The president also took shots at Joe Biden and the media.

“I did more in 47 months than Joe Biden did in 47 years,” Trump said.

“We are returning power to you, the American people,” Trump said. “We are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under God.”

Before Janesville, the president held a rally across the lake in Muskegon, Michigan. He has rallies planned Sunday in Nevada, Monday in Arizona and Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

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