December 2, 2021

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Ana Navarro says ‘no woman of color’ could pull off Sinema’s denim number in Senate – Yahoo News

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Ana Navarro has some strong feelings about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s choice of apparel — and she doesn’t care who is “triggered” by them.

Navarro condemned the Arizona Democrat on Wednesday over the casual wear she donned while presiding on the Senate floor Tuesday, joining a chorus of critics who were upset by the lawmaker’s apparent lack of decorum.

Sinema wore a black T-shirt and denim vest.

“I really don’t care who gets triggered by me bringing race into this,” The View co-host said. “The truth is, no woman of color could possibly dress like this, and act like this, and be taken seriously, much less elected.”


She continued, “I suspect every Black woman and Latina reading this knows what I’m talking about.”

Sinema has also been scrutinized for refusing to publicly talk about the Biden administration’s Build Back Better infrastructure bill, even as she fundraises in Europe. Her decision on whether or not to pass the legislation is crucial with an evenly split Senate.

It’s not Sinema’s first time flaunting her sartorial skills on the Hill.

She’s also appeared around the Capitol with colorful wigs and wore a fur-trimmed pink coat on her first day in the Senate.

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