August 2, 2021

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Asian American communities on edge after deadly shootings: Live updates – CNN

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Mario Gonzalez, the husband of Delaina Yaun, 33, one of the victims of the spa shootings, said he heard the gunshots from inside the spa, according to his interview with Mundo Hispanico.   

 “It was a very sad day,” said Gonzalez. The father of two went to Young’s Asian Massage with his wife, but was in a separate room when the shooting started, he said to Mundo Hispanico.  

“We were going with the intention of getting a massage but I wasn’t expecting my wife’s life was on its way,” said Gonzalez to the newspaper. 

“We were on our way, happy, she had just left work and in one moment this happens,” said Gonzalez. 

“About an hour in, almost at the end, I heard the shots. I didn’t see anything, only, I started to think it was in the room where my wife was,” Gonzalez told the Spanish-language newspaper. 

Yaun was one of four people killed at the spa near Woodstock, Georgia, CNN has reported. 

“They took the most valuable thing I have in my life, I had because she was taken from me. He left me with only pain, the killer who killed my wife, something needs to be done,” said Gonzalez to Mundo Hispanico.  

Robert Aaron Long, the suspect, is being held without bond in Cherokee County on several murder charges. Long is accused of killing a total of 8 people.

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