September 22, 2021

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Biden plays first round of golf as president – POLITICO

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In 2014, when he served as vice president, he said a presidential run could hurt his golf game.

“If you want to keep your handicap in golf don’t run for President. So I expect strokes,” Biden said, according to CNN. It was unclear if he was joking, CNN reported.

Biden’s predecessor, former President Donald Trump, hit the course nearly 300 times during his time in office, according to the website TrumpGolfCount. Trump’s frequent golfing often was a line of attack from Democrats.

Trump often used golfing like he did his “executive time,” in which he’d have unplanned talks and calls, POLITICO previously reported. Trump had frequently laid into former President Barack Obama for golfing while in office, saying he wouldn’t “have time” for golf if he became president.

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