July 25, 2021

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Biden to hold first news conference March 25 – POLITICO

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The White House is stepping up its media presence as part of an effort to promote the recently enacted $1.9 trillion stimulus package and tout the continual progress in scaling up coronavirus vaccinations. On Tuesday, Biden traveled to Pennsylvania, and other emissaries are also spreading out across the country as part of a planned blitz.

The Biden administration initially won plaudits for reinstating daily press briefings, a practice that atrophied under former President Donald Trump, who preferred to act as his own spokesperson and often engaged with reporters in freewheeling exchanges that caused heartburn for his administration.

Earlier in his political career, Biden had a reputation for committing gaffes, and he and his team had been cautious to ensure message discipline on the campaign trail and during the first weeks of his presidency. However, the president has at times strayed, with his comments that states rushing to lift Covid-related restrictions were exhibiting “neanderthal thinking.

The derisive remark stoked Republican outrage for days as Congress worked to push through the relief package.

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