June 12, 2021

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Caitlyn Jenner’s Hannity interview went just about as you would have expected – SFGate

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Gavin Newsom recall election candidate Caitlyn Jenner did her first sit-down interview of the campaign Wednesday night with Sean Hannity of Fox News, with the interview making up the entire hour of programming.

Notably, Jenner said she would:

– Oppose California’s sanctuary state status and work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to remove undocumented immigrants

– Lift all COVID-19 restrictions, effective immediately

– Support controlled burns for forest management

– Terminate the long-proposed high-speed rail system

– Invest in desalination off the California coast to provide more water in drought years

However, Hannity himself had to press Jenner for her stance on many of these policy issues, and Jenner did not delve into detail on any of them (and her campaign website still has no policy page whatsoever).

There was also a moment where Jenner expressed support for an undocumented immigrant she knows who is on an overstayed visa and has been in the state for 17 years. Later in the interview, she stated she is “pro-illegal immigration” only for Hannity to interject, “you’re pro-legal immigration.”

“Sorry, did I miss the legal part?” Jenner asked. “Thanks for catching me. You’ve got my back, Sean.”

Another odd moment came when Jenner took credit for Newsom’s announcement that the state would fully reopen on June 15.

“About three weeks ago, it was rumored that I was looking to run for governor,” Jenner recalled. “The next day, Gavin Newsom has a press conference and says, ‘The state is opening up [June] 15. I’m watching this and saying, ‘Yes, it’s already working.'”

You can watch clips of the hour-long interview in the videos above.

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