September 26, 2021

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Coronavirus latest updates: Texas Gov. Abbott asks hospitals to halt non-urgent procedures as admissions soar – The Washington Post

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Here are some significant developments:

  • More than 2.5 million people have now signed up for health insurance during a special enrollment period launched by the federal government in February in response to the pandemic, Vice President Harris plans to announce during a visit Tuesday morning to a community health center in Washington. Harris will also encourage people to enroll before the special period ends on Sunday, according to her office.
  • In southern Russia, nine severely ill covid-19 patients on ventilation in a hospital in Vladikavkaz have died after an underground oxygen line ruptured Monday evening, local authorities told Russian media. Russia’s Investigative Committee said it was investigating a possible criminal case, while health authorities said they were also looking into the matter.
  • Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia and Thailand are turning away from the Chinese-made Sinovac coronavirus vaccine in favor of Western alternatives, as they scramble to contain deadly outbreaks caused by the delta variant. Last month, Malaysia’s Health Ministry said it would phase out the Sinovac vaccine once its supplies end.
  • Long delays and lines were seen at the Canadian border after the country opened to fully vaccinated Americans on Monday, after a 16-month closure. A rush of travelers and tourists caused delays for several hours at the crossings by Fort Frances, Ontario, and International Falls, Minn.
  • Celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Annie Lennox and Mick Jagger will join Bollywood stars and other to raise funds for coronavirus relief work in India, the BBC reported. The virtual fundraising event “We For India: Saving Lives” will take place on Sunday, Aug. 15 in both London and Mumbai.
  • Singapore has fully vaccinated 70 percent of its population, with 79 percent having received at least one dose, the city-state said. The high rate of vaccinations, among the best in the world, has led Singapore to ease some restrictions, such as allowing dining in restaurants to resume.

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