July 24, 2021

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Derek Chauvin trial: Second week of witness testimony begins, with more police expected to take the stand – The Washington Post

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Judge Peter A. Cahill on Monday granted a motion by Chauvin’s defense attorney Eric Nelson to allow the jury to see the entirety of the officer’s body-worn camera footage, which includes a discussion between Chauvin and fellow officers Kueng and Lane about their belief that Floyd had passed a fraudulent bill to the cashier at Cup Foods, and their decision on who was to travel to the hospital with Floyd.

Prosecutor Matthew Frank had argued for the exclusion of some of that video, on the grounds that what the officers knew about a fraudulent bill was “irrelevant” to Chauvin’s use of force, and that the jury could be unfairly swayed by the opinions of Officers Kueng and Lane.

Cahill ruled that much of the footage was, in fact, “relevant because it shows Mr. Chauvin’s demeanor and actions immediately following Mr. Floyd’s removal to the hospital.” He ordered the exclusion, however, of another officer’s body camera footage, which shows conversation between Kueng and Lane, without input from Chauvin.

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