January 17, 2022

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Ghislaine Maxwell trial – live: Epstein lured victim to ranch with gifts, witness says – The Independent

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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Day 7

The prosecution has rested its case in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell following a day of testimony from Annie Farmer, the only accuser to use her full name.

Ms Maxwell is accused of grooming teenage girls for her convicted sex offender partner Jeffrey Epstein from the 1990s onwards. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Her defence team said that she is being made the “scapegoat” for Epstein’s deeds.

However, her accusers have testified that she was instrumental in the late financier’s crimes and even participated.

Ms Farmer, the fourth accuser from the indictment against Ms Maxwell, described in detail being groped by Epstein, instructed to rub his feet by Ms Maxwell, and being massaged naked by the disgraced socialite. Her testimony was supported by statements from her mother and high school boyfriend.

In ten days of testimony, the prosecution called more than 20 witnesses. The defence team says it will take between two and four days for them to lay out their case. The trial was originally expected to last up to six weeks but looks like it may well end much sooner.


Epstein and Maxwell pictured at Balmoral

Oliver O’Connell11 December 2021 05:01


The intimate photos of Maxwell and Epstein entered into evidence at trial

Prosecutors in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial have released intimate never-before-seen photos of the socialite that lay bare her close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

The photos show the pair kissing and embracing, on yachts and private jets and at black tie events, as well as several of Ms Maxwell giving Epstein a foot massage.

On Tuesday, FBI analyst Kimberly Meder testified the photos were found on CDs taken during a raid of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2019.

The relationship between Epstein and Ms Maxwell has been a key question as the trial has unfolded.

Oliver O’Connell11 December 2021 04:00


The famous names caught up in the Maxwell trial

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell palled around with presidents, movie stars, and royalty, hosting household names aboard private jets and at palatial properties all over the world.

Those decades-long connections are forming a key role in Ms Maxwell’s trial for sex-trafficking at the federal courthouse in Manhattan.

Ms Maxwell would frequently boast of her close friendships with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump, her accusers have testified.

Oliver O’Connell11 December 2021 03:00


Virginia Giuffre: Why is she not testifying at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial?

She has also been mentioned numerous times on nearly every day to date of Ms Maxwell’s trial. So why isn’t Virginia Giuffre testifying?

Given that she has been one of the most vocal people about Jeffrey Epstein, his crimes, and those who enabled him, it does seem surprising.

Oliver O’Connell11 December 2021 02:00


The life of Ghislaine Maxwell

Joe Sommerlad gives an overview of the life of Ghislaine Maxwell, from her Oxford childhood as the youngest of nine born to disgraced British newspaper baron Robert Maxwell, to her first encounter with Epstein and subsequent arrest last year.

Oliver O’Connell11 December 2021 01:00


Voices: What research tells us about women accused of sexual abuse

Poco Kernsmith, a professor at Wayne State University in Michigan, whose primary research includes sexual violence prevention writes for The Independent.

Oliver O’Connell11 December 2021 00:00


Will Maxwell take the stand in her own defence?

With the defence team readying to lay out their case, might Ms Maxwell take the stand and testify?

Oliver O’Connell10 December 2021 23:00


Maxwell accuser says she felt ‘frozen’ while being groped by socialite aged 16

Bevan Hurley reports for The Independent from the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in Lower Manhattan after the prosecution rests its case against Ghislaine Maxwell following 10 days of testimony.

The defence team will begin to lay out their case on Thursday.

Oliver O’Connell10 December 2021 22:25


Court now in recess

The court is now in recess until Thursday when Ms Maxwell’s legal team will begin to lay out her defence case.

Oliver O’Connell10 December 2021 21:59


Defence case to begin on 16 December

Defence case expected to be laid out on 16-17 December, possibly into the 20th, with closing arguments on 21 December.

Maxwell’s team told Judge Nathan they do not want the jury to rush a verdict before the Christmas holiday noting that the prosecution has already said they have a rebuttal case.

The prosecution says it will be one rebuttal expert and they will be ready to close the day after evidence is finished.

Oliver O’Connell10 December 2021 21:55

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