September 18, 2021

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Hannity rails Biden over Afghanistan: We ‘don’t have a president seemingly aware and capable of leading’ – Fox News

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Six days after Taliban militants took charge of Afghanistan, conditions on the ground look bleak, Fox News host Sean Hannity told his viewers Friday, saying his “heart is troubled” as fellow Americans and Afghan allies remain trapped behind enemy lines.

Nearly two dozen U.S. diplomats warned Secretary of State Antony Blinken in July that the country could fall to the Taliban, according to a memo first reported by The Wall Street Journal. 

The Biden administration “ignored that dire warning,” said the “Hannity” host, and as a result, “thousands of Americans, tens of thousands of our Afghan allies are in extreme danger.”

Hannity slammed the president for having been absent and “missing in action”. “He ignored every clear warning that this was all going to occur.” 

Hannity also blasted Biden’s remarks he made during today’s press briefing, calling the president’s statements “outright lies.” 

“[Biden] clearly has no moral compass and is a withering decrepit shell of a human being who puts his own priorities, obviously above those fellow Americans abroad,” he continued.

Hannity also commented on the media’s coverage of Biden’s Afghan withdrawal, and how the once-friendly media has changed its tune on the president. “It is so sad that even Joe’s friends in the liberal media cannot and will not be able to shield him from this crisis,” said Hannity. “The reality for the country is this: we really don’t have a president seemingly aware and capable of leading.” 


“Get to the airport, says Biden. Trust the Taliban, they guaranteed safe passage. He’s telling us, take your beatings, risk your life. We can ensure your safety. That’s his plan.”

“Our fellow Americans are in deep trouble tonight behind enemy lines,” said Hannity. 

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