July 24, 2021

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Here’s How People Are Rallying Against Anti-Asian Racism After The Spa Shootings – BuzzFeed News

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People gathered over the weekend to take a stand against the violence and hate that Asian Americans face, holding rallies and vigils across the US after the deadly shootings at three spas in the Atlanta area.

The shootings Tuesday left eight people dead, including six Asian women. The attacks came during a rise in hate incidents against Asians in the US and prompted conversations about the hypersexualization routinely faced by Asian women; the suspect allegedly had been a customer at two of the spas and told police he had a “sex addiction.”

As the crimes inspired feelings of anger and fear, people also responded with calls to action. Rallies in various cities called for an end to racism and solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Vigils honored the victims, who were remembered for their hard work and compassion and the love they shared with their families.

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