August 1, 2021

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“I’m gonna get Delke” Daniel Hambrick’s mother speaks after chaos in courtroom – WSMV Nashville

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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Daniel Hambrick’s mother Vicki Hambrick told reporters Friday she would “get [Andrew] Delke,” after the former MNPD officer pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in her son’s shooting death on Friday.

“I don’t care if I have to go to jail, I’m gonna get him,” Hambrick said. “His family is going get it. Tonight. They better run, they better run town. But they can’t hide for long.”

Vicki Hambrick’s words followed a moment of chaos during Delke’s plea hearing Friday morning, which stemmed from an emotional outburst from Hambrick’s mother. 

Vicki Hambrick, mother of Daniel Hambrick, makes a statement outside the courthouse.

Delke was eventually rushed out of the courtroom and his plea deal — which required the former officer to plead guilty for voluntary manslaughter and serve three years behind bars — was accepted by Judge Monte Watkins. 

Speaking outside the courthouse, Hambrick’s mother initially spoke calmly, thanking friends, family, church-members and her legal team for their support, before threatening Delke and District Attorney Glenn Funk.

“Glenn, he can’t hide for long either,” she said.

Former Metro Police officer Andrew Delke accepted a plea deal on court on Friday morning in the death of Daniel Hambrick in July 2018.

Hambrick’s attorney Joy Kimbrough told reporters Hambrick was frustrated and shocked by the plea deal. 

“She’d spent all this time getting ready for trial. So imagine the shock she had when she was met with the fact that not only is there not going to be a trial, but we’ve pretty much already ended the case and what we’ve given [Delke] is three years,” Kimbrough said. “It was just disrespectful the way it was handled.”

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