July 29, 2021

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In Potential Breakthrough, U.S. and Iran Agree to Resumption of Nuclear Talks – The Wall Street Journal

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Negotiations to restore the 2015 Iran nuclear deal will take place among all parties in Vienna next week, senior Western diplomats said Friday, the first serious effort to rescue the agreement since President Biden took office in January.

Senior officials from all participants in the accord, Iran, France, Germany, the U.K., Russia, China and the European Union, as well as top U.S. officials, will gather in the Austrian capital from Tuesday. However, there will be no direct discussions for now between U.S. and Iranian officials, the diplomats said.

The U.S. exited the 2015 nuclear deal in May 2018. President Biden has said he wants the U.S. to return to the deal, which placed strict but temporary limits on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for suspending international sanctions on Tehran.

The Vienna meeting will aim at drawing up two separate agreements, one with the U.S. and with Iran on which steps they will take when to return to compliance with the agreement. After senior officials launch the discussions, they will leave nuclear and sanctions experts to hammer out the details of the work.

The Vienna talks come after two months of quiet diplomacy had failed to produce a breakthrough allowing the two sides to chart out a return to the deal.

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