September 19, 2021

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Jake Davison latest – Plymouth shooter’s blocked YouTube showed ‘incel’ ramblings as enquiry into gun licen… – The US Sun

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A Keyham resident who lives near the scene of the shooting said on Saturday she initially thought the gunshots were fireworks.

Melanie Fletcher, 52, who works in a local supermarket, told the PA news agency: “My back garden backs onto the field, so I saw the four helicopters land, and then a fifth one hovering.

“We heard the shots but me and my husband are from London and it’s so quiet here that first of all we thought it was a car backfiring. After the third, fourth shot, my husband thought maybe it was fireworks, you know. But as we were cleaning our car, armed police came by and said go in and shut your door.

“It’s very quiet around here – we’ve only been here 18 months and from what I can gather, it’s a very close community, and everybody knows everybody. So, it was quite shocking.”

On people laying flowers in the local park, she added: “It just touches your heart, you know, sort of faith in humanity. But it’s still shocking.”
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