June 15, 2021

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Jimmy Kimmel Finds Irony in the G.O.P. Vote to Cancel Liz Cheney – The New York Times

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“I’m confused — I thought these guys hated cancel culture,” Jimmy Kimmel said.

“They had to! She was a loose cannon. They made her turn in her badge and her gun, and her other gun, and her other, other gun. They really like guns.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“After the vote, Liz Cheney said that she doesn’t want Trump to get near the Oval Office ever again. Yeah, it’s not that hard — all you have to do is hang a sign outside that says, ‘Just Salad.’” — JIMMY FALLON

Samantha Bee dedicated Wednesday’s “Full Frontal” to confronting gun violence and asking viewers to “do one [expletive] thing about guns.”

Chris Rock, star of “Spiral,” will be on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

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