December 4, 2021

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King Soopers shooting suspect facing additional charges – FOX 31 Denver

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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — A slew of new charges have been filed against the man accused of killing 10 people at a Boulder King Soopers grocery store.

Prosecutors submitted a motion to add dozens of new charges just before 5 p.m. Wednesday in Boulder County District Court.

There were 11 original charges filed against the suspect. On Wednesday, 43 additional counts were added.

“I’m not at all surprised that the district attorney has filed a large number of new charges,” said FOX31 legal analyst Chris Decker.

Decker said it takes time to have a comprehensive list of charges with such a complex crime scene and ongoing investigation.

“The district attorney is now beginning to get ballistics information,” Decker explained. “They’re beginning to get information from the crime scene in terms of the number of rounds that were fired … who fired which rounds.”

The alleged shooter was first slapped with 10 counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder. The suspect now faces 32 additional charges of attempted first-degree murder, 10 charges relating to large capacity magazines and one count of first-degree assault.

Decker said as the investigation continues, it’s possible the DA will elect to file even more charges.

The defendant is scheduled to be back in court on May 25 for a status hearing, according to court records.

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