November 28, 2021

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Live updates: House Democrats eye impeachment of Trump as Biden forges ahead with transition – The Washington Post

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Dozens arrested after mob storms Capitol; officials vow that more will be charged

By Keith L. Alexander, Spencer S. Hsu and Paul Duggan

Several dozen people arrested in the violent chaos at the U.S. Capitol made their first appearances in court Thursday as authorities vowed to track down additional suspects and determine why the mob that stormed and vandalized the building was able to easily overwhelm the police officers guarding it.

In D.C. Superior Court, 40 defendants were charged with unlawful entry of public property and were notified that prosecutors are reviewing evidence of an additional charge of curfew violation. Most of the defendants came from outside the Washington region — including Oregon, Florida, Wyoming, Connecticut and Pennsylvania — although some were from the District, Maryland and Virginia.

One person arrested was charged with possessing a “military style automatic weapon” and 11 molotov cocktails, prosecutors said. Another defendant was charged with assaulting a police officer with a hockey stick. Yet another, who needed a Russian interpreter, told a judge, “I don’t know what unlawful entry you are referring to.”

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