June 24, 2021

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LIVE UPDATES: NC protesters march on County Attorney R. Michael Cox’s home following Andrew Brown Jr. killing – Fox News

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Protests continued Monday in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, nearly a week after a Black man was killed by deputies in the state.

The protests took place several hours after the family of Andrew Brown Jr., said they were only allowed to see a small portion of police body camera footage of the April 21 shooting. 


    • Cox said the law allows his office to blur faces in bodycam footage to preserve the integrity of an internal investigation
    • Cox showed Brown’s family and attorneys a short clip from one deputy’s body camera on Monday afternoon
    • Brown was killed by Pasquotank County sheriff deputies during an attempt to serve an arrest warrant

Brown’s death has led to nightly protests and demands for justice in Elizabeth City. On Monday, Demonstrators went to the home of Pasquotank County Attorney R. Michael Cox, as some called on him to resign, according to reports. 

Bakari Sellers, an attorney for Brown’s family previously claimed that Cox tried to keep lawyers for Brown’s family from viewing the footage. He criticized Cox and police for showing only 20 seconds of the video. Sellers also claimed Cox used profanity during a meeting with attorneys and members of Brown’s family. 

“We went back and forth, and I just wanted to say I’ve never been talked to like I was talked to in there,” Sellers told reporters. “I don’t know his name, but I went to the back, and I know that we’re live on the news around the world, so I will say that Mr. Cox told me, a grown Black man, that he was not f—ing going to be bullied. And so I walked out.”

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