September 26, 2021

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Live updates: Police prepare procession for fallen officer in King Soopers shooting – FOX 31 Denver

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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Six people, including one Boulder Police officer, were killed in a shooting at King Soopers located at 3600 Table Mesa Drive on Monday afternoon.

UPDATE: (8:24 p.m.): BPD chief Maris Herold confirms 10 fatalities including the BPD officer that was killed.

(8:09 p.m.): Long line of sirens as fallen officer is brought to the Boulder County Coroner.

(8:01 p.m.): Local 7, which represents 32 grocery workers at King Soopers Store #33 in Boulder condemns senseless act of violence.

“Today our community experienced a senseless act of violence that caused an unnecessary loss of life in Boulder’s vibrant community. It is with deep sadness we mourn the victims and their families who have lost loved ones today, including the heroic Boulder police officer who died in the line of duty. We are forever grateful to the grocery workers, customers, and the first responders who acted swiftly to prevent even greater loss of life–protecting our members and all those in danger inside the store. 

“This senseless act of evil also highlights and shines a light on the best of human nature. There are news reports that after gunshots rang out, grocery workers helped customers in the store find safety, directing shoppers to an exit at the back of the store, and assisted one another to escape the danger inside. 

“No one should have to fear for their lives while they grocery shop or go to work every day. Unfortunately, our grocery members, frontline Essential Workers, have lived in fear each and every day during the pandemic. These workers have risked getting COVID-19 to make sure shelves were stocked and communities had access to food and other essential services. As COVID-19 cases increased, and colleagues fell ill and some died, they continued to go to work, even as they faced COVID-19 workplace hazards, as well as hostile customers including verbal and physical attacks by unstable members of the public. 

“For the last year our members and other associates have fought an invisible enemy, COVID-19, but today several innocent souls were killed by an evil human. We call on government officials and employers to do more to protect our members and communities from the constant threat of violence.”

“Local 7 continues to monitor the situation as details become available.”

(7:52 p.m.): Another witness says he was getting sushi when he heard gunshots.

(7:24 p.m.): Police are preparing a procession for the fallen officer.

(7:16 p.m.): Boulder Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi, Boulder DA Michael Dougherty and King Soopers spokesperson Kelly McGannon spoke at a news conference just before 7 p.m. Watch full video below.

(7:08 p.m.): Some people are heading toward the CU Events Center.

(7:04 p.m.): If loved ones of people affected or think were involved are looking for answers, call BPD.

(6:53 p.m.): Boulder Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi reports person of interest is in custody and was injured in the incident.

(6:36 p.m.): Police are providing an update and details live now. The shelter-in-place for the area of 17th and Grove has been lifted.

(6:30 p.m.): Multiple fatalities including an officer have been confirmed.

(6:24 p.m.): President Biden has been briefed of the situation.

(6:20 p.m.): Police have just left the 17th and Grove area. Police tape was taken down.

(6:02 p.m.): Multiple law enforcement sources tell FOX31 one officer was killed, two others wounded.

(5:56 p.m.): Boulder Valley School District ordered Boulder High on a secure lockout:

(5:41 p.m.) CU classes have been canceled for the evening:

(5:20 p.m.): Official statement from Gov. Polis:

“My heart is breaking as we watch this unspeakable event unfold in our Boulder community. We are making every public safety resource available to assist the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department as they work to secure the store. I’m incredibly grateful to the brave men and women who have responded to the scene to help the victims of this senseless tragedy. This is very much an active situation and we continue to monitor very closely. We ask for your patience as law enforcement works tirelessly to secure the site. Right now, the biggest priority is to let local law enforcement and the City of Boulder do their work to ensure the safety of those involved.”

(5:11 p.m.): Boulder police just issued a shelter-in-place around 17th and Grove.

(5:08 p.m.): The FBI is now involved in the situation.

(5:01 p.m.): A witness who lives right across the street, Mark, heard a loud bang, thought it was a car crash. He says he then heard a series of several more what sounded like loud fireworks. He went to his window, saw a guy move from right to left and watched him shoot someone, he said.

The union representing King Soopers workers just sent this tweet:

(4:56 p.m.): Some police are leaving scene:

(4:48 p.m.): Eyewitnesses are telling FOX31 reporters they believe there was more than one shooter.

(4:47 p.m): Witness Anna says she lives across the street and she and her roommate heard more than 10 shots and saw people sprinting and getting into cars and driving away. One woman ran and kneeled on the ground screaming and crying.

Anna says she saw a person down on the bottom of the ramp into the store and another in the middle of the parking lot.

(4:34 p.m.): The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is responding to the active shooter situation:

(4:27 p.m.): Witness says he saw three people on the ground. One outside the door, two just inside.

(4:20 p.m.): Boulder police say it is still an active situation:

(4:16 p.m.): SkyFOX was directed to leave the area as police have launched drones in the air.

(4:13 p.m.): Massive amount of law enforcement are staged around the King Soopers:

(4:10 p.m.): Gov. Polis just tweeted about the situation:

(4:09 p.m.): FOX31’s Shaul Turner is on scene:

(4:07 p.m.): From Boulder Community Health: “One patient on the way. Situation still very unclear.”

(4:04 p.m.): Boulder police are telling crews and people around the store to back off and they have a car surrounded.

(4:02 p.m.): Police are going car to car in the King Soopers parking lot.

(3:56 p.m.): Police continue to escort shoppers out of the store. Officers were seen by FOX31’s Vicente Arenas going into the store with battering rams.

Three air ambulances have landed nearby.

(3:44 p.m.): Police led someone in handcuffs out of the store without a shirt or pants on with what looked like blood on their leg and put them into an ambulance.

Witness Daniel Douglas said he was in the store grabbing lunch.

“As we were waiting on the pizza and we started hearing gunshots. It sounded like someone was breaking the glass at first,” Douglas said. “We started screaming and hit the ground.”

Douglas said a lot of people were crying.

“My nerves are so racked right now I’m having a hard time talking,” he said.

ORIGINAL: Police in Boulder are searching for what has been described as an active shooter situation.

Officers were initially called to the King Soopers on Table Mesa Drive.

Boulder SWAT approaching King Soopers on Table Mesa Drive where there is an active shooter (Credit: KDVR)

A witness says they had just left the store after checking out and heard what sounded like fireworks. The witness says a guy was wearing tactical gear carrying an “AR-15 style weapon.” The witness says they ran back inside and told people about the shooter outside, ran into the back of the store and left through delivery entrance. The witness says they ran to the fire station down the street, it wasn’t open so they found a business to shelter in. The witness said the shooter was in the parking lot, and they were unclear if he entered the store.

Boulder police confirm the situation and are telling everyone to avoid the area.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says they have deployed SWAT to the scene.

This is a breaking news story. Refresh this page for the latest details and watch live coverage from FOX31 NOW above.

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