September 17, 2021

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LIVE UPDATES: Protesters take to the streets Saturday night over police shootings – Fox News

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Protesters across the country took to the streets Saturday night, following a week of intense demonstrations over recent fatal police shootings in Minnesota, Chicago and elsewhere. 

“We’re constantly turning on the TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and seeing people that look like us who are getting murdered with no repercussions,” Carlil Pittman, co-founder for a Chicago-based youth organization, told The Associated Press. “It’s not normal to see someone get murdered by the click of a video on your phone, yet it has become the norm for our people, our Black and Brown communities.”

Most recently, protesters have demonstrated against the fatal police shootings of Daunte Wright, who was killed during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, last Sunday and Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old fatally shot by an officer in Chicago late last month — with video of the shooting emerging last week. 

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