July 28, 2021

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McCarthy: No way Pelosi’s appointing GOP members on Jan. 6 committee – Yahoo News

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rejected the possibility that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would appoint any GOP lawmakers to a special committee established to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.


Pelosi, a California Democrat, introduced legislation Monday establishing a select committee to investigate what happened on and leading up to the day when supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol to stop the counting of electoral votes nearly six months ago — the day that would certify Joe Biden as the next president.

According to the bill, H.R. 503, “The Speaker shall appoint 13 Members to the Select Committee, 5 of whom shall be appointed after consultation with the minority leader.”

The language gives the Democratic majority eight members on the committee, with the remaining five seemingly chosen by McCarthy, a California Republican. But the language, modeled after House Republicans’ Benghazi committee nearly a decade ago, leaves the question of how much say McCarthy will have over his own party’s appointments on the committee.

However, there is speculation Pelosi may choose a Republican who voted to impeach President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, namely Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming or Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

“On any committee, a Democrat appoints the Democrats, the Republicans appoints the Republicans,” McCarthy told the Washington Examiner after Pelosi released the language of the resolution sent to the Rules Committee that members are expected to vote on Wednesday.


Should Cheney or Kinzinger wind up on the committee in a position to argue along Democratic lines that Trump riled up his supporters to storm the capitol back in January, the infighting may last all the way up through the midterm elections, as the proposed panel has no set expiration date.

Cheney told reporters on Monday it is “up to the speaker” if she ends up serving on the committee and has not spoken to Pelosi about it.

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