December 2, 2021

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N.J. election results 2021: Where are the votes that remain to be counted in razor-thin race for governor? –

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There’s a lot of uncertainty over the final numbers in the super-tight New Jersey governor’s election between Democratic incumbent Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli, because mail-in ballots and provisional ballots won’t be counted for several days.

Although most of New Jersey’s 21 counties have already reported most of the votes that were cast in person on Tuesday, at least five counties have not included early voting results in the tallies that have been released.

In addition, election clerks across the state can accept vote-by-mail ballots that were postmarked by Election Day until Nov. 8. So the final vote totals in most counties won’t be available until after that date, and they don’t have to be officially certified until Nov. 15.

For a look at the current status of each county — showing the number of votes reported for Murphy and Ciattarelli so far, how many voting districts have reported their tallies and how many have not — check the results below, compiled by the Associated Press.

(Note: Click on the COUNTY RESULTS tab at the bottom of this chart. If you are having trouble viewing the results on your device, check this link.)

These results will be updated throughout the day as new numbers come in, so refresh your page or check back later for the latest tallies.

In addition to mail-in ballots, most counties still need to count provisional ballots — paper ballots that are used when a voter whose eligibility to vote cannot be confirmed at the polls or if they have applied for a vote-by-mail ballot. After the election, if it is determined that the voter who cast the provisional ballot was eligible to vote, the ballot will then be counted.

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