May 6, 2021

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Oneida Nation: Avoid main casino due to active shooter situation – WBAY

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ONEIDA, Wis. (WBAY) – A large police presence can be seen outside the Oneida Casino near Austin Straubel Airport Saturday evening.

Officials with Oneida Nation say there is currently an active shooter situation at the Oneida Casino.

Community members are asked to avoid the Main Casino on Highway 172. In addition, officials with Oneida Nation say all Oneida Casino locations will be closed until further notice.

All Oneida Casino locations will be closed until further notice. We will post additional information as it becomes available.

Posted by Oneida Nation on Saturday, May 1, 2021

Multiple law enforcement agencies are working to secure the scene. Green Bay Police say officers with their department, as well as officers with the Appleton and Oneida Police Departments, are at the casino. A helicopter could also be seen flying near the area.

511 says all lanes of WIS 172 are closed between County GE and Packerland Drive. Earlier, the agency said the highway was closed between South Point Road and Packerland Drive.

Officials with Austin Straubel Airport say any guests who are picking up passengers Saturday night should follow the public safety outlined detour route until normal traffic pattern resumes.

A witness tells Action 2 News he was in the restaurant when he heard a gunshot, and saw a person go down. He adds he and his table took cover before running out, and once outside, he says they heard another gunshot outside before seeing law enforcement show up and run towards the parking ramp.

Another woman tells Action 2 News she saw law enforcement officers shooting as they ran into the parking ramp.

Max Westphal, of Brownsville, was at the casino when the shooting started.

So, we were sitting in the casino, and it came over the loudspeaker that we had to evacuate. And, we literally thought it was a joke because we didn’t hear anything. We thought there was maybe a small fire. So, we got in an argument with the dealer to pay us out for what she owed us from the prior hand…. We get shuttled outside, we walk outside, and we’re still joking around about it, and all of a sudden we hear a massive flurry of gunshots, 20 – 30 gunshots for sure.” said Westphal. “So we took off running toward the highway. Got out there and uh I mean that’s pretty much it that’s all we heard. There was cops… there had to have been 50 cops cars that came by on the highway, it was honestly insane. It was crazy.”

Alex Churchill, of Mayville, was also at the casino Saturday evening.

“It started between the Radisson, the other hotel and the casino. And then the last that we heard a worker came running out that they’re right by the parking garage, which is around the corner from where we were,” said Churchill.

Law enforcement agencies are still working at the scene, and have not provided any information to news outlets at this time.

Action 2 News has a crew at the scene, and will continue to update this story as more details become available.

There is currently an active shooter situation at the Oneida Casino. Several Law Enforcement agencies are working to…

Posted by Oneida Nation on Saturday, May 1, 2021


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