September 27, 2021

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Opinion | Biden makes it clear: Artificial limits won’t hinder his Afghanistan evacuation – The Washington Post

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Finally, Biden appeared more interested in debunking feigned outrage from Republicans that the United States must rely on the Taliban to let through evacuees. (Yes, when you lose a war, you do lose operational control of the environment.) Biden made clear that the administration is continuing to talk to Taliban leaders and through threats or appeals to self-interest have convinced them to let thousands through to the airport, although ugly incidents have emerged. The Associated Press reports that seven Afghans died outside the airport gates in a panicked crush of people. Nevertheless, Biden said, “So far the Taliban has not taken action against U.S. forces.” He stressed that he does not “trust” them and added, “We’ll see if what they say turns out to be true.” If not, he suggested the U.S. military will take matters into its own hands.

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