September 20, 2021

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Parents worried after teen assaults new student at Park City school –

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PARK CITY, Utah — A disturbing video showing a physical assault at a Park City school Thursday has parents concerned for students’ safety.

Cell phone video posted on Snapchat and shared widely in the community shows a teenage boy pushing a fellow student inside a trash can headfirst at Treasure Mountain Junior High.

“I’m sorry, bro. Bro, I’m sorry, dude. I’m sorry,” the victim pleads.

Seconds later, the boy picks up the victim above his head and throws him on the ground.

A mother, whose daughter witnessed the assault, spoke to FOX 13 under the condition of anonymity.

“She felt powerless to help. The incident happened very quickly but she was terrified,” she said.

The mother said the victim confronted the teen about making racial comments about a teacher.

“This new student stood up and said, ‘I’m not comfortable with the way you are talking about this teacher. You need to stop.’ That’s when this other student went off the rails and attacked him,” she said.

“It was a disturbing moment. Yesterday was not a proud moment for our amazing school,” said Treasure Mountain Jr. High Principal Caleb Fine.

In a YouTube video posted Friday, Fine says two staff members interrupted the assault within a minute’s time. He said no other students or staff members were hurt.

“We are going to work hard to ensure this is a safe environment and an environment that raises quality young men and women who are prepared for an incredible future,” Fine said in the video.

Fine said the incident was immediately referred to law enforcement, and the student is facing consequences.

Several parents reached out to the school with safety concerns. The mother of the student who witnessed the assault believes school administration is downplaying the incident because the alleged bully comes from an influential Park City family.

“My feeling is, that it is not enough. He needs help. That behavior is not acceptable. Our children need to be safe in the school system,” she said.

The Park City School District and the student’s parents did not respond to FOX 13’s request for comment. His name will not be released because he is a minor.

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