September 17, 2021

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Rick Perry: Biden sending message to cartels that ‘it’s OK to sexually traffic children’ across border – Fox News

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The Biden White House has sent a permissive message to human traffickers with its response to the southern border crisis, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry told “Your World” Friday. 

“The [border] issue has been around for some time,” Perry told host Neil Cavuto. “In 2012, we saw the trains that were coming up to the border … [T]he Obama administration, at that particular point in time, [was] signalling — not anywhere near as strongly as the Biden administration — but even then they were signalling ‘come on up’. That signalling is the real problem. That’s the real issue.”

Perry added that Mexican cartels have opted to smuggle human beings across the southern border rather than illegal drugs.

“Here’s the untold story I think that we really need to talk about: What is happening along that border, the message that is being sent now is that it’s OK to sexually traffic children,” he said, “because that’s what is happening down there in a lot of different cases.”


According to Perry, the Biden administration is showing a “lack of caring about human beings” by not acting more forcefully to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

“This is about modern-day slavery, that this administration, by allowing this to happen, but not sending the signal ‘don’t come’, they’re supporting it,” he said. “This is inhumane in the greatest sense.”


Host Neil Cavuto then informed Perry that southern border coordinator Roberta Jacobson would be leaving her post, effective at the end of this month. 

“Well, I’ll let her speak for the reasons that she’s leaving,” the former energy secretary responded. “But my bet is [she] may have a conscience. She may be seeing what’s going on and recognizing that she can’t live with herself if she continues to allow the activities going on on that border to go forward without addressing them.”

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