October 21, 2021

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Second Former Aide Accuses Cuomo of Sexual Harassment – The New York Times

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In a text message sent to a friend after the meeting, Ms. Bennett said Ms. DesRosiers had said: “How can we do this?,” asking whether she wanted to stay in the executive branch or move to another part of the state government.

When Ms. Bennett’s friend asked what that meant, Ms. Bennett explained that an outside job would still be with the administration, but “just not interacting with him.”

She also told her friend, in the same series of texts, that she trusted Ms. DesRosiers but was worried about Mr. Cuomo’s reaction: “I just said I didn’t want him to find out and get mad.”

Two days later, on June 12, Ms. DesRosiers told Ms. Bennett she would be transferred to a new position as a health policy adviser, still working in the executive branch, but in a different part of the Capitol. Her new job was announced in a June 17 email to Department of Health officials. “Welcome Charlotte!” it concluded.

Later that month, Ms. Bennett met with Ms. Mogul, a special counsel to the governor, and repeated her claims. She said, however, that she soon decided to “let this go and move on.”

In a statement on Saturday, Beth Garvey, another special counsel to the governor, said that “Ms. Bennett’s concerns were treated with sensitivity and respect and in accordance with applicable law and policy.” She characterized the transfer to a health policy position as fulfilling “a longstanding interest” of Ms. Bennett’s.

Of Ms. Bennett, Ms. Garvey said, “she was consulted regarding the resolution, and expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the way in which it was handled.” Barbara S. Jones, a former federal judge in Manhattan, will lead the outside review into the matter, Ms. Garvey said.

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