March 3, 2021

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South MS on edge of major winter storm; small change in temps could make big difference – WLOX

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Mainly cold rain is expected across South Mississippi (Pearl River, Stone, George, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson counties). However, as the rain exits and temperatures begin to fall, a transition to freezing rain or sleet or a mix of the two is possible. It’s not out of the question a very thin glaze of ice could accumulate on elevated surfaces like trees, powerlines, and roadways in areas along and west of HWY 49 and north of I-10 like: Pearl River, Stone, northwestern Harrison, and northern Hancock counties. This could cause slick travel by early Monday afternoon. Whether that icy glaze can make it to the coast or not depends on how fast the cold air comes in and how quickly or slowly the moisture moves out. Significant accumulations of freezing rain and sleet is not expected, but it doesn’t take much to cause travel issues. While a few snow flakes could mix in with this, accumulating snow is not likely.

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