September 27, 2021

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Storm causes water leaks in building where Maricopa County ballots are being reviewed – The Arizona Republic

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Leaks on the metal roof of a state fairgrounds building caused workers to move and protect ballots during a July 23 thunderstorm as a review of Maricopa County's 2020 election continues. A livestream shows multiple views from inside the building.

Water was leaking from the metal roof of the state fairgrounds building where the review of Maricopa County’s 2020 election ballots was continuing during Friday afternoon’s thunderstorm.

Workers quickly moved ballot boxes away from the leaks inside the Wesley Bolin Building as the rain poured outside.

Randy Pullen, representing the Arizona Senate Republicans who ordered the election review, said no ballots were damaged and they are protected from the leaks. Workers covered boxes with tarps to protect them, he said.

“No ballots are at risk,” he said.

The Bolin building is a non-air conditioned exhibit hall at the south side of the fairgrounds property near the cattle barns. It is normally used for tradeshows.

The ballot review moved to the building earlier this month after the Senate’s lease at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, also on the fairgrounds property, ended. The months-long review of the election began on April 23 and has stretched long past its initial end date of May 14.

Pullen said he was there Friday as the leaks began and called the fairgrounds management for repairs. 

He said there were four leaks above where the work was taking place and leaks in other parts of the building. He said it would be an easy fix because the leaks were coming from specific places in ducts on the ceiling.

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