October 17, 2021

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The real reason Gov. Newsom is lifting California’s stay-at-home order: Tomi Lahren – Fox News

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Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren chastized California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D., on Monday for refusing to reveal the data driving his public health decisions despite months-long promises of transparency and science-backed lockdown orders.

If “Newsom and his Democrat pals are so elite and skilled at handling the pandemic, why the heck are they refusing to disclose COVID shutdown data?” Lahren asked Monday on her Fox Nation show “Final Thoughts.” 

The Associated Press released a report detailing the secrecy shrouding one of the longest and most stringent lockdowns in the country after the Center for American Liberty’s (CAL) public records request to view the science and data that Newsom used to drive lockdown decisions was denied, citing concerns among state health officials that releasing the data would confuse the public.

Days later, Newsom announced his plans to lift the regional order that called on residents to stay home except for “essential activities.”  The announcement comes as welcomed news to fed-up California residents, but Lahren said she is skeptical of his sudden change of heart. 


“Without explanation, data, or science, all of a sudden outdoor dining, houses of worship, hair and nail salons, and most other businesses got their ‘permission’ to reopen. Just like that,” she said.

“Gavin, what are you hiding?” Lahren asked. “Did ICU capacity climb above 15%? Nope. The area has an ICU capacity of 9%.”

Newsom has been one of the most aggressive state executives on pandemic restrictions. He imposed the first statewide shutdown in March. later instituting this more recent regional stay-at-home order in early December before extending it in late December. 

“Seems to me the misleading and uncertain thing here is why Governor Newsom and Posey are being so secretive. If there’s some science-based reasoning for this reopening change of heart, I know I’d like to hear it,” Lahren said.

“They will begin to have these sudden and mystical reopening realizations.”

— Tomi Lahren, Fox Nation

The Fox Nation host wondered whether Newsom’s decision to lift the stay-at-home order is based solely on political calculations. 

“Just as I’ve been predicting for the last couple of weeks, now that these Democrats got their man in office, they will begin to have these sudden and mystical reopening realizations,” she said. “It’s almost like these stay-at-home wardens want their state’s economies to improve so as to give new President Biden and his administration a boost and some unearned credit.”

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