September 19, 2021

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Tropical Storm Henri Track Shifts West; Parts Of Massachusetts Under Tropical Storm Warning, Flood Watch – CBS Boston

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BOSTON (CBS) – Tropical Storm Henri remains just that…a tropical storm. As of the 8 a.m. update from the National Hurricane Center, Henri stayed at 70 mph max sustained winds. The system is expected to strengthen into a hurricane later today as it rolls over warm Gulf Stream water.

The official path has shifted to the west a touch with projected landfall to Long Island on Sunday afternoon. Even still, this is not the time to put our guard down. There is still some wiggle room in the track and even the slight bump back east will make dramatic impacts in Massachusetts.

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A Flood Watch has been hoisted for Worcester County as 2”+ of rain is likely. Central MA is already waterlogged so low lying areas and poor drainage spots will no doubt gather this rain. If you find yourself running into high water, do not drive through it.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

A Storm Surge Watch has been put into effect for the south coast, Cape Cod, MV, and Nantucket. With an increase in wave heights combined with high astronomical tides on Sunday evening, coastal flooding is nearly imminent. This would not only lead to property damage but also boat impacts.

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Tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for southern Bristol and Plymouth County with the immediate concern for tropical storm-force winds. As gusts of 40-60mph arrive on Sunday, tree damage and downed power lines will lead to outages. The south coast shouldn’t be the only one on notice. Outages are possible for all of central and eastern MA.

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Saturday is the prep day. This will be a long-duration event so prepare for the impacts to be felt from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning.

The WBZ Weather Team will have full coverage all weekend long. Check back here for continuous updates and be sure to tune in for the latest information on Channel 4!

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