November 30, 2021

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Trump, Republicans took in $86M in last five weeks of 2020, FEC filing shows – New York Post

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Kicking up a fuss over election results may not result in victory — but it pays very, very well.

Former President Trump and the Republican Party raked in $86 million over the last five weeks of 2020 with their last-ditch “stop the steal” appeals to supporters, a Friday filing to the Federal Election Commission revealed.

Most of the haul, $68 million worth, flowed to Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign committee, Bloomberg reported — even as email and social-media solicitations to small-dollar donors talked up the need to raise money for his ultimately unsuccessful recount efforts and lawsuits challenging the election results.

But fine-print disclosures explained that the money raised would be divvied up between the Trump campaign, his newly formed Save America political action committee, and the Republican National Committee.

FEC filings due Sunday will make those splits public — and will reveal those groups’ post-election expenditures.

The report from WinRed, the Republican party’s online fundraising arm, showed that the GOP took in $207 million in small-dollar donations between Nov. 24 and the end of the year. Most of that amount poured into the hotly contested Senate runoff elections in Georgia.

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