June 15, 2021

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Vehicle, body found in Texas lake in search for missing woman – NBC News

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A vehicle with a body inside was found in a Houston-area lake during a search for Erica Hernandez, a mother of three who has been missing for more than three weeks, police said.

The identity and cause of death of the remains found submerged in a manmade lake in Pearland have not yet been determined by a medical examiner, and an investigation is ongoing, Houston police Commander Kevin Deese said.

But the license plate and the make and model of the vehicle matched her, he said. There was evidence that it hit a curb before entering the water, he said.

“We do believe on or about the night that Ms. Hernandez went missing, it’s likely the vehicle was in, went in the water,” Deese said.

Hernandez was last seen April 17 in the southwest part of Houston driving her 2020 Black GMC Acadia, police have said.

The investigation into the death will be handled by police in Pearland, which neighbors Houston to the south, Deese said.

The lake, which is between 8 and 15 feet deep is surrounded by homes, and there is a road that approaches it and intersects with a loop surrounding the body of water.

Hernandez’ family has said that she was at her best friend’s house until around 2:30 a.m. the last day she was seen, NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston reported.

She left the friend’s house and was in contact with the friend on her ride home. When the friend asked her how far she was from home, she said five minutes, according to the family.

Deese said that police went to the area Tuesday “based on information that we gathered along with our partners over at the FBI,” but he did not go into details. He did not say that there was any person of interest in the case.

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